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Warmachine Batrep #12: 50 Points Circle (Mohsar) vs. Cygnar (Nemo1) (with pictures!)

Today, I bring you a SINGLE batrep today. No awesome double-header as usual. I'm sorry - I started a game against eHexeris (different Skorne player than last report), and it was looking like it would be a good game, but an unexpected call came for my opponent, who (for reasons I will not state) needed to leave immediately. 100% fine with it - my opponent shared the reason with me, and I was mostly just sad I couldn't do anything to help.

SO, I had to find another opponent, and had no time for a 2nd game! DOH!

However, I did get a game in with Mohsar, which is something you don't often see a batrep for. So, just take your prize and try to be content with it :)

My List:


-Warpwolf Stalker
-Wold Warden

Tharn Bloodweavers
Shifting Stones
-Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones

Blackclad Wayfarer
Druid Wilder
Lord of the Feast
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

The Idea:

I wanted to have an armor cracking list that was also good at scenario and infantry-killing. This list is really not ready for competition yet - I had a random extra 4 points, and panicked into adding my Lord of the Feast, despite not really needing him. I also kind of hate Wold Wardens, as paying 9 points for a single extra spell just rankles.

However, I do like the Ghetto + Gorax (Primal) + Curse of Shadows + Bloodweavers to get rid of upkeeps combo. Against most Colossals, Ghetto is hitting at an effective P+S of 23 (19 base, + Primal, then -2 ARM from CoS). Stalker is only slightly worse, at P+S 22.

As it so happened, my opponent brought Cygnar, with a Stormwall!

His List:



Field Mechaniks (max)
Sword Knights (max)
Stormguard (max)
Black 13th

Stormsmith Stormcaller
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Stormsmith Stormcaller

The Mission:

One round 12" zone in the middle. Dominate for 2 CP, control for 1 CP. We also each had an objective, worth 1 CP if we destroyed it. Kill box was a big YES.

**I won the roll to go first (finally!) and took it.

Pre-game thoughts:

I just don't know what to think about armies I don't have much experience against. His infantry seemed a little soft, and I knew I wanted to use Crevasse some to see if it would do some work.

Stormwall would obviously be a big problem. I knew that Nemo could give him 5 Focus, but I did note that my opponent didn't take the Journeyman Caster to give him Arcane Shield. As such, he was vulnerable... or was he?

I wasn't sure what I would try for - winning on Scenario would be tricky with the number of models Ian had brought, and Stormwall could get into the one zone and just stand there until I killed it, which I wasn't sure I could do.

Mostly, my inability to predict how good his stuff would be meant that I needed to rely on my old fallback: being aggressive and punching things before they could hurt me! Best way to approach a game you're uncertain of. Nobody ever won a game they were uncertain about by being passive.


Bloodtrackers are proxies for Bloodweavers. Mostly painted army looks good though, huh :)

Circle Turn 1:

I ran everything up. Ghetto warped for Hyper-Aggressive. Mohsar put Mirage on the Weavers and Sunhammer on himself. He also put a Pillar up in front of Ghetto to protect him from the Stormwall shooting for a turn. Mohsar then charged something to get closer to the Zone.

Gotta threaten the zone before I I get out-threated and have to start sacrificing models to contest.
 Cygnar Turn 1:

Ian gave Stormwall 5 Focus and the Hunter 2 Focus.

Stormwall shot the Pillar and killed it.

Hunter walked up and shot Ghetto, doing 5 damage and letting Ghetto walk up 6" with Hyper Aggressive.

Everything else of Ian's moved up, but not as aggressively as I would have expected. Ghetto would be in charge range of the Stormwall if he wanted.

Oh yeah, Megalith is standing in for my Warden, as I forgot to bring the Warden. Whoops!
Circle Turn 2:

Okay... not as punishing a turn as I had expected, actually. I think other Cygnar lists are very shooty, but in this case, it was mostly the Stormwall. I would also find out that his Stormcallers are pretty shooty as well. But that's for later :)

I wanted to force Ian away from flooding the Zone with a ton of models, so that I could get a quick 2 CP. Luckily, I had a couple of excellent distractions.

First, the Lord of the Feast walked up, shot at one of the Sword Knights, hit on a 6, and launched himself into their midst. He then did his thresher-like attack, killing 5 Sword Knights, who passed both their Terror and Massive Casualty checks.

He may be 4 points, but he's awful fun to play. No clue if 5 Sword Knights = 4 points or not, but still cool :)
I moved everything else up, getting the Warden and the Gorax into the zone.

Gorax put Primal on Ghetto.

Bloodweaver ran/charged, but only put one girl into combat with the Hunter to tie him up a little, and another into a Storm Pod, killing the Pod and missing the Hunter.

Mohsar upkept Sunhammer and Mirage, then spent all his Fury on a wall of Pillars to protect my exposed Stalker. He then charged the Stormwall to make sure he could force Ghetto.

 Ghettorix then charged Stormwall. With Warped STR and Primal, he was doing damage +2.

A bunch of attacks later, and I had killed all but TWO of the Stormwall's boxes, but he still had his Coretex. Ah man! I thought it was still a good effort - until I learned that the Mechaniks can heal the damn thing.

At any rate, I didn't foresee him scoring any points this turn.

Poor, doomed Ghetto.

Cygnar Turn 2:

First, his Halberds walked up and tried to kill Ghetto, failing.

His Lancer and Hunter walked up, but couldn't hit Ghetto very easily.

Mechaniks healed Stormwall for like 17 damage. Ouch.

Stormwall (who had gotten another 5 Focus) then tried to punch Ghetto to death, and through some bad rolls on his part, Ghetto hung on with 2 life left.

Stormcallers did another point to him, and Nemo was forced to pop his feat to take the final box off of Ghetto.

Sword Knights killed my Lord of the Feast easily.

Black 13th meandered through a forest they did not have pathfinder to deal with, but I believe they still managed to kill two Bloodweavers somehow.

We checked, and Nemo was NOT within the Killbox, giving me a quick 2 CP. Nice windfall for me!

Score: 2-0, advantage Circle.

Not entirely unexpected of a turn, with Ian having killed way more points than me thus far. Still, I absolutely have the scenario advantage at this point.
Circle Turn 3:

I needed to score a quick couple points this turn. In fact, I could conceivably win the game if I decided to try for it.

That said, I decided I wanted to act like the Killbox thing hadn't happened, to see if I could win without it.

Bloodweavers moved up 2" with Mirage, then charged his Hunter and some Sword Knights. They killed two Sword Knights, who again passed their check.

Leftmost Gallows moved up 5".

Mohsar moved up into the zone and arced a Crevasse through the Gallows to the leftmost Stormguard. He boxed one model, and I was able to kill most of the rest of the unit with the ensuing spray. I think I killed 7 or 8 guys with it. Madness!

Warden shot the Storm Pod with another Crevasse, which also killed one Sword Knight and (surprisingly) put 6 damage on the objective (boxcars FTW).

Druid Wilder gave Stalker Lightning Strike.

Stones warped the Stalker into B2B with the Lancer.

Stalker warped for STR and killed the Lancer, then Sprinted into B2B with the Stormwall to tie it up for another turn.

I had cleared the zone, and dominated it for 2 CP, giving me 4 total.

Score: 4-0, advantage Circle.

Did I tie Ian up enough to prevent him getting into the zone easily?

Cygnar Turn 3:

5 focus to the Stormwall, 2 to the Hunter.

Ian spent most of his efforts on the left killing my Stalker, including the Stormwall's punches.

Black 13th shot at and killed my rightmost Gallows. Other spells/shots also killed my Druid Wilder, and wiped out the rest of my Bloodweavers.

In the end, Ian had only managed to put his Hunter, a Storm Pod, and Nemo into the zone.

I was pretty close to being able to achieve victory, but also pretty close to getting out-attritioned. I officially had zero ways to kill his Stormwall, and no ways to tie it up and keep it from getting into the zone. I needed to end the game soon.
 Circle Turn 4:

Mohsar dropped his upkeeps.

Blackclad walked up and shot the Hunter with Hunter's Mark.

Gorax ran up and headbutted the Hunter, and did some reasonable damage to it.

Warden charged the knocked-down Hunter and killed it on the charge, then took some swings at Nemo and killed him as well with some high damage rolls.

Game Ended.

Note: If I had wanted to get my final point, I could have just used Hunter's Mark on the Objective and had the Gorax go over and punch it to death, then cast Crevasse at it until it died, but I decided this was more fun, especially since I wanted to pretend that the Killboxing had never happened.

Also note that in a tournament, it probably would have been the most wise to kill the objective and the Pod/Hunter, THEN Nemo, netting me a bunch of Scenario points (7) and a bunch of points killed. Decided not to be a dick though.

Pretty bloody game...

Gogo Mega, er... Warden!

Results: Win for Circle Orboros via Assassination!!

Post-game thoughts:

Well, that game was a little weird. I really wasn't sure what to expect from the Stormwall, but I was astounded at how good it was! Damn thing is impossible to kill unless you just do it in one turn.

I probably should have been more patient. I had some time to waste, and if the Wall had gotten into the zone, I could have just sent both Ghetto and the Stalker in to kill it without wasting them with Primal.

Instead, I wanted to see what Ghetto could do on his own, unsupported, and he nearly (through high damage rolls) got the job done on his own.

The epic Crevasse killing 7 or 8 Stormguard was awesome, but not likely to happen against another opponent. Not likely that it will ever have that much output again.

I liked Mohsar, though I will say that he's better in my head/on paper than he is in reality. I wanted him to be casting ALL THE SPELLS, but even 9 Fury only goes a small way with him.

The Bloodweavers were cool, but honestly a little disappointing. Their small melee range was really telling, and though they had better movement, they didn't do much damage. I think I'll try them again, next time against some beasts, before I make my final judgement.

That said, if I was faced with this list in a 2-list pairing, would I take Baldur1 or Mohsar? Not really sure... I think Mohsar would be my go-to caster. Despite not having a good feat against this list, Mohsar does bring quite a bit more awesome against infantry than Baldur does. Either would have worked though, I think.

I'm actually strongly leaning into trying to take Mohsar + Baldur1 as my lists to the upcoming tournament, as I'll have most of my models painted for that, and it would be very difficult to get them all ready for my Baldur1 + Kreuger2 pairing.

Anyways, hope you liked the report, let me know what you think! I would also love some list revision suggestions, as the Lord of the Feast, while awesome, may not be the best fit for this list.

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