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Xaereth 2009 Tournament Results

Today I'm continuing with my whole "in the past" Tournament Results series, which takes up my first 'full' year of gaming - 2009.

While this might seem like a sort of 'bragging' post to some, I guess I see it as a guide for me in the future, to remember a few of the great games and tournaments I've been to. Nothing worse than forgetting good experiences, and this is my attempt to stave it off.

Don't read it unless you don't want to, though I do welcome comments, nostalgia included :)

For those interested, there's a TL;DR at the bottom, like in my 2008 post.

This year's story begins directly after winning the 'Ard Boyz Semi Finals in 2008, and selling enough of my winnings to begin my Green Chaos army, Berserkers included...

I'd created a list I thought would be good - 3 squads of berserkers, a plague marine squad, some defilers, demon prince of Nurgle (didn't want to be seen as 'cheesy' haha) and much to the chagrin of my very fluff-oriented friends, had painted all of them Green.

It was my first army using a new-fangled (to me) technique called 'Dry Brushing", and I was very excited getting back from Christmas Break to see what they thought of my new-found paint skills.

What I discovered was that they hated it and wanted to burn the models. Instead, I played my friends, and beat them all quite soundly, also to their chagrin.

First RTT with Green Berserkers

Chaos Marines. This event had over 20 people in it, if I remember. The guy who I played in the final round had a reportedly 'impossible to beat' Ork army, consisting of 9 Killa Kans, a KFF, tons of boyz on foot, and just generally lots of really rough things to deal with. You can read the report to see what happened :)

--> Best Overall

Wrecking Crew Championships RTT

PDF Blood Angels. This one had 4 rounds, and was by far the most 'dramatic' tournaments I've been to. Not having slept the night before in favor of painting models or somesuch, I went to this one and played decently, but not perfectly by any means. My 3rd round opponent and I ended up clashing in a hotly contested rules debate. We've since talked and are now fine with each other.

For those who are interested, it was Steve Turner, aka Green Blow Fly (now Black Blow Fly) and his blog Terminus Est is linked over there on the right :-p

--> Best General


PDF Blood Angels. Well, I finally decided to start taking 40k 'seriously' enough to fly out to a GT. This was the first year BOLSCON happened (since changed to Wargames Con) and was my very first GT ever. I think I ended up losing two games, one of which was on the 2nd table (my opponent got 2nd overall I think).  After the tournament, I decided I'd start playing a bunch more Chaos with Double-Lash, as I thought it was awesome at the time (also a sentiment I failed to follow through on).

I got to meet Romeo (the Battle Foam guy who has at this point denied me over $200 worth of 'foam buck' redemption vouchers I've won over the course of multiple tournaments - but I thought he was pretty cool back then) and all the BOLS guys for the first time, and my first experience at a GT was excellent.

--> 7th Overall

'Ard Boyz 40k Prelims

Lash Chaos. Heh, I kind of steamrolled 2 Nid opponents, and played against the freshly minted Imperial Guard. Epic last game - it has since been revealed that my Round 3 opponent specifically created that board so that it would give him an advantage if he were to play me in Round 3. It availed him not :)

It was fun, but somewhat meaningless for me to go to this, as even if I qualified, I couldn't go to the Semi-Finals, as I had a time commitment elsewhere. Ah well.

--> 1st Place Overall

'Ard Boyz Fantasy Prelims

Dark Elves. At some point in the year, my local shop had started a Fantasy grow league, and I signed up to start my Dark Elves - I actually chose Dark Elves because I wanted an all-creature army. Turned out that it was one of the best lists in the game at the time. Win/win I guess.

--> 1st Place Overall

'Ard Boyz Fantasy Semi-Finals

Dark Elves. I barely remember this tournament, other than finally losing my first game of Fantasy by a small margin to Demons. To top it off, it was against my nemesis from Tacticon 2008, Ron Santoni. Good dude, wish he still played :-/

Oddly enough, every person at this event who got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, actually went to the 'Nationals' round (and lost horribly). Not that I would ever want to spend the money to go to an event like that. Just odd.

--> 4th Place Overall

Random 6-player RTT

PDF Blood Angels. Not sure why I bothered to write this battle report, but I did, and as such, I'm linking it. Apparently, Baal Predators are 'fun'.

--> Best Overall

Not a bad year overall, I had some fun and won a few awards. At this point, I knew I would need a new army if I were to compete with the increasingly mechanized landscape of 5th edition...

TL;DR Version, as promised, starting with 2008

2008 Tournament Record:

End of 4th Edition:
First Tournament Ever: Dark Eldar --> Fail
City Fight RTT: PDF Blood Angels --> Best General
Tacticon 2008: PDF Blood Angels --> 6th overall, 44 total players
Start of 5th Edition:
First 5th RTT: PDF Blood Angels --> Best Overall
'Ard Boyz Prelims: PDF Blood Angels --> 1st Place
'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals: PDF Blood Angels --> 1st Place

2009 Tournament Record:

First RTT using Green Berserkers: Chaos --> Best Overall
Wrecking Crew Championships: PDF Blood Angels --> Best General
BOLSCON 2009: PDF Blood Angels --> 7th Overall
'Ard Boyz 40k Prelims: Chaos --> 1st Place
'Ard Boyz Fantasy Prelims: Dark Elves --> 1st Place
'Ard Boyz Fantasy Semi-finals: Dark Elves --> 4th Place
Random 6-player RTT: PDF Blood Angels --> Best Overall

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