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Xaereth 2008 Tournament Results

Howdy Folks. I'm actually doing this so as to keep my own records straight. I've been in this hobby "hardcore" for about 5 years now, and want to make sure I don't lose or forget my own stuff.

So, for those who actually care or want to remember the 'old days', you can see the various tournament results for the year I'm posting, along with any battle report links to them.

**please note**

I'm not trying to brag or anything, just want an easy resource for myself in later years when it's even more jumbled in my brain.

So, let's get it started for 2008. There's a TL;DR at the bottom if interested.

This was when I got back from Iraq, and wanted to get back into 40k after having played in 2nd and 3rd edition back when I was a youngster.

All I had at first was my PDF Blood Angels. Still miss that 'codex' if I'm honest. Lots of awesome. Remember that back then it was the tail end of 4th edition.

Let's see...

First Tournament ever in 2008:

Dark Eldar, 1000 points. I remember losing 1, tying 1, and winning the other 2, for no prize in particular. Sold the army almost immediately afterward, for a pittance haha. No report I could find :-/

**note** this is the last RTT that I've failed to win an award at. Unless an RTT is noteworthy for some other reason (i.e. battle report written, something funny, etc.), I've decided to keep them off this recap. I played a ton of them through 2010, and slowed in 2011. 2012-2013 has seen a grand total of ONE RTT thus far. Heh.

-->Fail, heh.

Tacticon 2008

PDF Blood Angels. First 'big' regional event, rough round 1 against Ron Santoni, a guy I would come to be great friends with. He stopped playing the game recently, much to Colorado's chagrin :(

-->6th overall, 44 players

4th Edition RTT

PDF Blood Angels. Looks like City Fight. Haha, boy I also miss that Callidus assassin. Wasn't nearly as awesome in 5th, as I seem to remember, due to the changes in Close Combat maybe?

--> Best General

Beginning of 5th Edition!!

First RTT of 5th Edition

PDF Blood Angels. This one was nutty. We 'only' played the new missions from the book, and I ended up doing well. The final game included a win against an Ork player on Kill Points, due to the fact that we didn't think Rhinos counted as Kill Points (otherwise he would have won). haha, guess I'll take it!

--> Best Overall

'Ard Boyz Prelims

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

PDF Blood Angels. First 'Ard Boyz ever. Man, I remember it being so fresh and exciting. Loved the battle result where you lost and it said "Should have played 'clix."

--> 1st 'Overall', though there were no soft scores.

'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals

PDF Blood Angels. Second 'Ard Boyz ever. I'm annoyed that I didn't write a report for this one. I remember my first game being a very strong 'draw' against Plague Marine spam (60 Plague Marines, 9 Oblits, 2 Lash Sorcerers). Second game I got full points vs. Nids (multi-assaulted his whole army and killed 60+ gants, causing his entire fearless army to take 40+ saves each). Third game I got full points against a smelly Ork player, who hugged my friend Stephen who was there with me watching that day.

Maybe the Nids and Chaos are backwards in order. Don't really remember clearly enough :-/

--> 1st 'Overall', and a whole army of IG, which I promptly turned around and sold.

I used the money from the IG sales to buy a Chaos army, which I painted all in green, including the Berserkers and Kharne.

But that's a tale for 2009, when the Green Chaos killed a bunch of stuff, and I wasn't able to go to 'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals due to a friend getting married that weekend :-/

So, TL;DR version:

2008 Tournament Record:

End of 4th Edition:
First Tournament Ever: Dark Eldar --> Fail
City Fight RTT: PDF Blood Angels --> Best General
Tacticon 2008: PDF Blood Angels --> 6th overall, 44 total players
Start of 5th Edition:
First 5th RTT: PDF Blood Angels --> Best Overall
'Ard Boyz Prelims: PDF Blood Angels --> 1st Place
'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals: PDF Blood Angels --> 1st Place

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