Friday, November 4, 2011

This Weekend is Feast of Blades...

Don't worry, I have shorter hair now.

...and I'm the defending champion.  For at least 1 more day.  I'll write more about it below.  For now, read my apathetic ponderings/excuse-mongerings.  I can't promise that they'll be entertaining or anything.  But, I'm not a terrible writer, so it should be at least palatable.

heh, it's no secret that I haven't been as active on the blog this week as I'd like to be.  I think I got one up on Monday, and have epic failed every other day.  Sorry, ready to hear my awesome excuse?

Well, it starts with
me being an English major in my final real semester.  That is to say that I only have a single class next semester, and then I graduate and go to Law/MPA School (dual program, /shudder).  So, I have classes like "Advanced Creative Writing", "The Sonnet Capstone", and... "Critical [something?] to Modern Literature:  Science Fiction?"

Lol, suffice to say I'm writing a lot.  Like, a ton.  Today just for school I've written 13 double-spaced pages.  Today isn't even a bad day.  I have peer critiques on stories, huge papers, response papers, group forum work, the list goes on.  So, writing the blog, while still enjoyable, sort of makes my fingers ache a little bit.***

I've been slowly plugging away at the Nova Open report, which is nearing completion (always enjoyable to be reminded of a meltdown after an extremely promising start), and doing other stuff in a 40k manner.

Like, I didn't tell anyone about it, but I got a sponsor.  Well, sort of.  It's not really even a sponsor, in the literal sense.  Or is it?  I'm kinda new to this stuff. The way it works is this: I get to post a pre-tournament list analysis for big events (on his site), then text my various game reports to the guy, who posts them up on his site.  Then I write a batrep w/ pictures on his site, and he makes it worth my while.  I won't get into compensation, since I don't really think it's necessary :-p

The name of the website is Equinox Hobbies, and I've apparently joined the team.  I'll be covering Feast of Blades, so check over there for the various updates!  Thanks to Timmah, for giving me this opportunity :)

Here's my 'pre-tournament' report, if you're curious :)

Also, I got in an internets fight.  Well, not a big one.  It made me laugh though.  Here's a fun link.

It's a few comments down.  You'll find it easy enough.

Actually, it wasn't really a fight.  I just got tired of people being negative for no reason there.  Is Goatboy hurting someone by posting his stuff?  People don't have to like his stuff, but you can do what I do when Mercer posts something on BoLS:  just don't read it.

I had way more "likes" than him though, so I guess I won :-p

Today, my friend Richard (not Angry Richard) and I will be unleashing Large Base Spam on the super-competitive Team Tournament meta.  Here's the lists:

1000 of Wolves (me):

Wolf Lord w/ Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Wolftail Talisman, Wolftooth Necklace, Saga of the Bear, Thunderwolf Mount
Wolf Lord w/ Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, Saga of Majesty, Thunderwolf Mount

4x Thunderwolf Cavalry w/ 2x Storm Shields, Thunderhammer, Melta Bombs

10x Grey Hunters w/ 2x Meltaguns, Wolf Standard // Rhino

1000 of Orks: ((not angry) Richard)

Big Mekk w/ KFF

Deff Dred
Deff Dred

3x Killa Kanz
3x Killa Kanz

20x Slugga Boyz w/ Klaw
20x Slugga Boyx w/ Klaw

So, Large Base Spam is simple:  we walk forward and shoot things.


We have like a total of 2 anti-tank guns.

Let's try it again.

We walk forward, then get shot.

Then we walk forward some more, and get shot by closer-range guns.

Then, decimated by superior firepower, we attempt a feeble charge.

And are summarily tabled.

Rinse, repeat.


God forgive us for unleashing this hellish Netlist on the Internets.

So, look for some content over on Equinox Hobbies (or, EH, as we initiates like to call it), and updates on my progress in the Feast itself.

Alright, I'm outro.

Wish me luck!  For those of you who are going, come say hey!  Better yet, buy me a beer!


It's looking to be quite the event.  I sincerely hope that Chandler pulls it off as well as he's advertised :)


***Also, I work full-time at a job I can't do homework/blog stuff at :-p

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