Friday, November 11, 2011

Feast of Blades Tournament Report

Well guys, long time no talk.  Nightmare week, and next week is no better.

However, I did manage to find the time to write up my batreps for the Feast of Blades over on EH (since they're sponsoring me), and thought you'd be interested in reading it.

Feel free to comment either here or there, I'll see them either place, but since I can't really reply without great difficulty on intense debate for some reason, I'm more likely to respond here.

But do what you want.  I'm not your mom.

On an unrelated note, my mom's birthday is today.  Happy birthday Madre :)

Also, it's Veterans day, which is a day celebrating how awesome I am (since I'm a Veteran), but also a day to remember others who weren't as lucky as I was.  I think today I'm going to watch 'We Were Soldiers' - the one movie that ever made me cry, lol :-p

Alright, I'm outro.  Hope to have more content up soon, but frankly, with all the other stuff I've got going on, it might not happen as frequently as much as we all would like.

Oh yeah, go watch this video.  Patrick Rothfuss is a badass writer, and he used to have a spoof advice column, which is where he's reading from.  Seriously, watch it.  It will change your life.

Well, it'll make you laugh.  Which is at least a small change  :-p

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