Monday, November 14, 2011

Funtimes with Necrons

Still true?
Hey there folks, how was the weekend?  I hope it was good, mine included getting snowed into a town in Wyoming that I wasn't prepared for, researching my capstone project mercilessly, and playing a game against my friend's fun new Necrons.  It wasn't super eventful, lol.

Anyways, since everyone else wants to talk about Necrons, I guess that's what I want to talk about as well.  Because that's good logic.  Also, I'm fastidiously putting off finishing off the Open batreps :-p

So, Necrons.  What's to like about them?  They have a few fun things, and a few things that are sort of meh.  I'm enjoying the lack of any conceivable deathstar the army may have, and how enormous Ghost Arks are.  Seriously, wait til you see an actual model.  It's Land Raider size almost, haha. 

Actually, like lots of folks, my favorite unit is the Scarab.  Not really for the same reason lots of people like them, however.  Sure, they kill tanks, are beasts, lots of wounds, blah blah blah, all of which is awesome.  However, what I really like is the greater implications of Scarabs.  People are going to have to stop playing razorspam as we know it.  One good charge from scarabs will leave a previously solid razorspam list really sad, and auto-losing the game.

Which means of course, that
people are going to have to start using bubblewrap, which means more infantry outside of vehicles, which means... less vehicles.  Same applies to Guard, tho their bubblewrap is way cheaper than razorspam armies'. 

Anyways, enough pondering greater implications on the so-called 'meta'.  Rather, let's go ahead and look at a list I thought might be fun, or balanced, or good, or both.  (both because I'm sure it can't be all three, can it?)

Let's take a swing at my first attempt at a list:

Necrons, reanimated by Awesomesauce, 2000 Points:

Necron Overlord w/ Phaeron, Sempiternal Weave, Warscythe
Necron Overlord w/ Sempiternal Weave, Warscythe
5x Harbinger of Destruction Crypteks, w/ Solar Pulse
5x Harbinger of Destruction Crypteks, w/ Solar Pulse

5x Immortals w/ Gauss
5x Immortals w/ Tesla
5x Immortals w/ Tesla
5x Immortals w/ Tesla
5x Warriors // Ghost Ark

10x Scarabs
10x Scarabs
6x Wraiths

3x Spyders
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

The Obvious:

So, 15 Kill Points, or 14, I guess.  Note that there's a Ghost Ark in there too.

Lords are in there for the sole purpose of getting more missile launcher dudes, and have the added benefit of giving a little close combat punch and more survivability to the units he's with.

The Logistics:

One squad of Crypteks is generally going to want to disperse into the troop squads.  Missile Launchers for all!

The other squad of Crypteks is going to jump into the Ghost Ark, because they can.  That AV13 protection is nice.  It makes it tough for a shooty army to target any single target efficiently.

The Phaeron Overlord goes with the Immortals w/ Gauss, most likely.  I wish I could find a way to give him a bigger squad, the obvious choice for that being less Scarabs, which I might end up having to do.

The other Overlord goes wherever he wants.  Which might honestly be with that same squad of Gauss Immortals, or with the Warriors, to give the squad a little more survivability with his shiny 2+ save.

I should add that though it's a bit unlikely, the possibility exists that Crypteks from each court can join a unit, meaning you can have a squad w/ 2x missiles, in which case the Ark goes away and I simply add more immortals :-p  (you can seriously make that argument as RAW, though I'll wait for the FAQ before I actually play it like that)

The Gameplan:

Just... go forth and kill stuff.  The scarabs can do what they do best and make tanks sad, then the rest can come over and mop up.  10 assault-style missile launchers, a bunch of S7, and nightfight for my opponents for a few consecutive rounds should help to suppress them as much as needed, and once the scarabs do their business and are summarily wiped off the table, every gun of mine will put the sad tanks out of their despondent misery.

If they have close combat, so I do I.  Quite a bit of it, actually.  Enough to beat GK's?  lol, who the hell knows?

Does it make sense?  What are your thoughts?

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