Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Random Warmachine Tournament

Last weekend my gaming store held a qualifying tournament for the impending 'Clash for Colorado' which is a tournament that happens every 6 months, with each gaming club sending their top 5 players to compete.  I figured I'd throw down, despite the fact that I've hardly played in the past 3 or 4 months.  Tournaments are always fun to attend, and I figured since I'd never tried a Steamroller format tournament, it could be cool.  Plus, then I might be able to qualify for the actual 'big' tournament later this summer.

So, I threw in my $10 and brought in my Circle list:


Feral Warpwolf
Pureblood Warpwolf

10 Tharn Bloodtrackers
5 Gatormen
6 Druids
3 Shifting Stones
3 Shifting Stones

Lord of the Feast

It's probably not that optimized- the Pureblood did almost nothing the entire tournament.  The rest of the list seemed to do pretty well though as a whole. 

My first game was against Khador w/ Epic Vlad, and I don't feel like it had a fair scenario- it basically ensured that I'd auto-lose since I didn't get to go first.  The guy was a better player than I was anyways, but it still stung, not having a chance really.  I'll have to do some thinking about it later on.

Second game was against Vince w/ a Hexarus Scorne army.  He left his caster in the open, and my druids were able to pull him in, and Kromac charged in, and did what Kromac does best.

Third game was against another Khador army, though this time against Irusk.  He had a lot of template weapons that could ignore stealth, and he rolled more 5+ rolls than not when he was testing for 'Tough' but I ended up barely finding a chink in his armor, killing a hole through his Pikemen just big enough for Kromac to barrel through and kill Irusk.  Hoo-ray for Kromac!

So, with 2 wins and a single loss in an 8-person tournament, I'm gonna get at least 3rd right?  Wrong... I got 4th, due to strength of schedule.  Tie for 2nd, and get 4th.  Blah.  It makes me sad, but what can I do?

But, they did also have a 'best painted' category, where we each entered a single squad for paint judging, and I entered my Tharn Bloodtrackers I'd spent some quality time painting on.  The result was this:


So, I got my money back, plus a little more, and a ticket to attend the actual 'Clash' tournament sometime later this August.  I'm not sure if I can go or not, but it's nice to have the option.  Just like being qualified for both the Fantasy and 40k championships in Vegas :)  I can't go to both but... it's cool I have the option for either.

If this sounds like I'm bragging, sorry... I'm just excited to get an award for something I rarely get awarded for in a tournament- painting, and in a game I've never played 'competitively'.

That about wraps this post up.  I'm gonna go paint on my Saga of the Bear (chaoshorse)lord now.

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