Friday, April 16, 2010

A compilation

I've decided to compile all my thoughts about Blood Angels into one page, with links to my random postings.  Hope this is helpful to someone!

My first thoughts on Blood Angels
Things I want to accomplish with Blood Angels (which have changed since I wrote this, lol)
Game 1: vs. Orks and Tau
Game 2: vs. Space Marines w/ Khan
The post that made me realize I'm failing
Game 3: vs. 'Leaf Blower' Guard
Game 4: vs. Railgun Tau
The Hive Tyrant Dilemma- my thoughts on Sternguard in a Blood Angels list
Random 'Ard Boyz Thoughts for Blood Angels
Blood Angels Death Star?- my thoughts on Vanguard Veterans in a Blood Angels list
Game 5: vs. Sisters of Battle
Game 6: vs. Khan Terminators (full battle report)
Games 7, 8, 9, 10 (in a single post, lol)

'Ard Boyz, 3 full battle reports

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