Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clash for Colorado, part 1.5 of 2!

Sorry for the delay on this one folks! School + work > gaming.

But onto the reports! We last left off with me besting a khador list. After this round we all stopped for lunch, the shop ordered pizza with our entrance fee which was nice. Tops off to Jeremy, who managed to eat a full 10 pieces of pizza! That man can pack them down!

Round 3: Vs Legion!

This was a mirror match beyond mirror matches! We both played legion and both our names were Jason! This was my favorite game of the day. He ran a very beast heavy list! Ethag with 2 carniveans and a typhon! 3 of the biggest beasts in the game! My measly one carnivean was scared! But just FYI, by games end, mine was still standing!

The mission being played had only one objective zone, a narrow strip in the middle of the board. I forget the name of the mission, but it wasn't all that important this game, it was just a brutal fight till the end. He sent 1 carnivean, typhon, his raek and his forsaken up on my right flank. While keeping everything else in close range of his caster and ran towards the objective. My turn, I advanced towards his oncoming beast wall! I set up the striders as bait for typhon, I had a plan up my sleeve. I moved my brick of models forward avoiding typhon for now. Buffed everything with Vayl, and ended my turn with moving my sorceress right behind the striders, and casting win ravager, making enemies not able to make ranged attacks! This caught him off guard, he charged typhon into the striders, which usually throwing 3 templates would have killed them all in one round. But since He couldnt make ranged attacks, he only managed to kill one strider! this strat proceeded to tie typhon down all game! My angelius eventually came in and got the kill on him. Perfect execution of the sorceress! She also stopped both carniveans from making their assault spray this turn! A++ for her! My carnivean returned in kind, not killing his, but hurting him. I rolled really bad! Vayl advanced popped her feat, buffed and ended. My mongers moved forward, everything else moved out of combat, except my raek who tied up his caster! turn end! He was pissed now! His free carnivean killed my angelius. Our raeks exchanged blows, nothing much. His caster killed my raek, and proceeded to cast his spray, which crit vayl! was scary! Crit fire and frozen! was brutal! damage was shunted off to a shredder who quickly died! His Legionaries advanced killing all my mongers cept one! they hurt in large numbers! My turn, My one remaining monger was pissed! As such, he beserked through the entire rest of the squad of legionaries except 2! claiming 6 that one turn! was sick! Vayl shook effect, and moved back and casted rampager on his very close carnivean, moving him 6" away! my carnivean floated back towards my caster to get ready for a dark sentinel hit. Sorceress moved closer as well. This round he went for the caster kill. His carnivean engaged vayl. Dark sentinel triggered...my carnivean took a bite out of his, not killing him tho...2 boxes left! He took a bite out of vayl...which normally would have killed her, but her talion ability allowed me to make an enemy beast take 1/2 the damage caused, which i chose to kill his carnivean! He was upset! He advanced his caster to go for the final kill shot on my furyless caster with like 5 boxes left. Fortunately, he moved within 8" of my sorceress and couldn't make his spray attack because of her wind ravager ability! he forgot about her! So his caster was out in the open, with about 1/2 life left. Fire expired on vayl, thank god! I had my carnivean, a giested raek, vayl, my deathstalker, and my sorceress left to kill him. Carnivean? no...to easy. raek? no way man...he already died once, he failed me! Deathstalker? psh....nope. I chose to activate Vayl first...move up and throw her p+s 8 occulus at him! it auto hits...and I boost it...rolling a 5, 5, 6 for damage! lol killing him! E-thag, arguably the most terrifying warlock in the game...defeated by my casters p+s 8 occulus! was amazing! So proud of her! lol Was a very close game!

Once again, Vayl's defensive abilities won me the game. She is a great caster, and underestimated, which I love! And by the way...the sorceress is amazing! she single handedly shut down typhon and a carnivean! she costs 4 points...they cost 33 total. Was perfect in my execution and it paid off big!

So there I was, in the semi-finals! those remaining were Tim, me, a cygnar player named Mike, and a retirubtion player.

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Vosage said...

Funny that you said "win" ravager, not Wind ravager, but it makes sense because it was so full of win. and Typhon + the Carnivean = 23 points not 33. nice try though, excelent wright up broski.