Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flopped Tournament

Well, it snowed on Saturday. It made me a little bit sad, because my friend who was going with me to the tournament in Denver was from Laramie, WY and got snowed in. Still, I decided to go by myself on the somewhat-icy roads, and: nobody showed up. Turns out it snowed all over the state a ton, and even if a lot of people HAD been able to go, it turns out none of the locals even knew about it.

A place that (claims) to have 20 person RTTs (they had a lot of terrain and tables) didn't make sure people would come. Which seems a little bit ridiculous, since they only give out about $95 in prizes (they said $60 gift card for 'first', $35 for 'second') and if the entry fee is $10, that's $100 they get just for letting people roll dice on their tables, with the other $100 guaranteed to be spent AT the store. Seems like they would be telling EVERYONE about the tournament, especially with the economy the way it is.

So, as I was leaving, the guy gives me a $5 gift card just for showing up. It's a nice thing for him to do, and since I don't plan on coming back to Valhallas anytime too soon (it's a 1.5 hour drive) I decide to use it to buy a pot of paint. The guy got a little huffy and annoyed that I would just spend it on paint and not on an overpriced boxed set (they sold their stuff marked up like 10% from even GW prices). The owner KNEW I was from Fort Collins and that I'd taken time out of my day to get there and... whatever. Not sure I'll ever try to go to a tournament there again. The shop seemed cool enough, but it seemed a little bit backwards from the way it should be.

Otherwise though, my friends in WY tell me they're having a 2k 40k tournament this coming weekend, which should be fun if it actually goes down. I'll just take the same list as before, and hopefully do well. They tell me there are a few new players down there, and it'd be fun to meet them. For those of you who don't know, Laramie is the town I lived in and went to school at for a few years, and though I live about an hour away in Fort Collins, CO, I still talk to the guys at the Laramie shop quite a bit.

Well, gonna get outta here for now. Sometime soon I think I'll ramble on a little bit about my Salamanders army and why they just dont' really work and... what can I do to make them more viable?

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