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Warmachine Batrep #3: Circle (eKreuger) vs. Skorne (eHexeris, then eMakeda) 50 Points (With Pictures!)

Alright! Let's continue my slog through the doldrums of trying to learn how to play Warmachine. Today you get a double-header against my friend Vince. Vince is an experienced tournament player, though his first list isn't one he's experienced with. His second list is the one he goes to big tournaments with and wrecks face - you'll just have to find out if my face also gets wrecked or not :)

Please note that with all these batreps, not all of them are in order. For instance, my Grow League batrep actually came after this chronologically. It was just the one I wanted to get out before my second week of grow league, which pushed this report back.

At any rate, let's get to the first game!

Game 1: eKreuger vs.  eHexeris

My list:

-Warpwolf Stalker
-Feral Warpwolf

10x Tharn Bloodtrackers
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones

Lord of the Feast
Druid Wilder
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

His List (roughly):

-Cyclops Raider (Bonded as arc node)
-Basilisk Krea

Paingiver Bloodrunners (max)
Cataphract Incindiari


Our Mission:

Two big round zones in the middle. He won the roll to go first, and took it.

Pregame thoughts:

Well, I knew that his character Tiberion and the Mammoth both could not be moved outside of their activation, which would limit eKreuger. However, he had far fewer models than me, so if I could find a way to distract his Mammoth and dominate the other zone for a couple of turns, I could win by scenario.

I don't have a lot of deep thoughts this early on in learning a game. Killing that Mammoth was going to be rough, and I was intimidated - I hadn't played against a big guy like that yet, and had no idea how to kill it.

Here's Vince's deployment

My deployment, after advance deploys. Bloodtrackers chose the Incindiari as Prey. Note that the Blackclad model is a proxy for the stones UA. I have since purchased the model, but at this point I did not yet have it :)
Skorne Turn 1:

He moved up. I initially thought that he was going to try getting snipe and shooting me, but he decided against it.

He didn't move up very far, did he? This seems like a mistake, though I'm not really 100% sure that's true. Note that the red model on the right is actually his caster - he forgot the model for Hexeris at home, haha!
Circle Turn 1:

I decided to get his Incindiari within the Bloodtrackers' threat range. Because his Mammoth was on the left side, I decided to threaten his right side, while holding up the left side by distracting Vince with the Feral.

Kreuger cast Storm Wall as well - not that it would do much. I just wanted to get in the habit of it, and also getting used to riling my beasts.
Skorne Turn 2:

First, he cast Black Spot on the Bloodtrackers and put Ashen Veil on the Incindiari. Then the Incindiari moved up and killed 3 Bloodtrackers.

Otherwise, he moved up to make sure he was threatening the zones so I wouldn't be able to get a ton of points easily.

He's playing somewhat passively, which surprises me. Seems like he would benefit more from jumping in at me ASAP.
Circle Turn 2:

I saw a chance to get a couple easy CP. Kreuger moved up into the right zone and popped his feat, pushing all but one Incindiari out of the zone, and all of them out from engaging the Bloodtrackers. He cast Stormwall again.

Bloodtrackers mostly stood still to get an aiming bonus, and somehow only killed two Incindiari. Very poor rolling on my part, though two of his models are severely damaged as well.

Kreuger and the Stalker are both "toeing" the zone.

My own Grove jumped up to contest the left zone.

And just like that, Kreuger had dominated the right zone and earned me two CP!
Skorne Turn 3:

He moved the Incindiari up and shot up the Lord of the Feast, setting him on fire in the process, and killed a couple more of my Bloodtrackers. He also killed both Gallows Groves.

LotF has 1 damage remaining - will he survive the fire?

He then meandered his beasts over toward the right zone, though I got the feeling he wanted to make sure that I couldn't charge in with the Stalker and cause pain.

Turn is over! I need to get a Megalith model...

Because he held the left zone, he scored a point, and I didn't score any.
Circle Turn 3:

The fire expired on LotF! Woot :)
I moved some of the Bloodtrackers up and killed his remaining Incindiari, also using the LotF to finish them off and put himself on the hill, where he could kill a few of the Paingivers.

Lord of the Feast FTW.
Megalith moved up and cast Telekinesis on the Agonizer, moving him back and out of the Zone.

Druid Wilder cast Lightning Strike on the Stalker.

Stones on the hill activated and shunted the Stalker up to just outside reach of the Raider.

Kreuger cast Storm Wall and Telekinesis on the Stalker to get him within reach of the Raider.

Stalker activated, and was just barely able to kill the Raider on his final attack. He then meandered 6" backwards, out of threat range.

I figured the Stalker was probably safe here for a turn.

Feral Warpwolf moved up and "toed" the line on the left zone, hoping the Mammoth would charge him and essentially give me the whole left zone.

Because Kreuger was still in the zone and Vince was outside of it, I scored two more CP! Only one to go!
Skorne Turn 4:

Vince didn't have a lot he could do. He killed off two more Bloodtrackers somehow, couldn't charge the Mammoth at the Feral due to the barricade, and got Tiberion into the zone next to the Krea. Hexeris killed the poor LotF.

How much damage can I do? Tiberion looks like a tough nut to crack...
Circle Turn 4:

First, I sent the Bloodtrackers over to do some damage to the Agonizer. A lucky throw killed it. Woot!

Gorax cast Primal on the Stalker.

Stalker charged Tiberion after warping STR, and failed to kill him.

Megalith charge Tiberion and killed him on his final Fury. Tough dude to kill, lol.

Kreuger moved outside the zone, because I only needed one CP to win.

Feral ran over to help the right side, while the stones jumped into the zone to contest with the Mammoth, who has been shooting all game but not doing much else.

I wasn't quite able to kill or move the Krea, or the game would be over right now.

Still 4-1. What can Vince to do win?
Skorne Turn 5:

Mammoth ran up and killed poor Megalith easily.

Hexeris moved into my zone, but wasn't able to get my models out of it. I think he finished off all the Bloodtrackers, who had already done an excellent job.

That Mammoth was ridiculous - he killed Megalith like he was nothing!

Circle Turn 5:

Stalker got crazy with Primal and killed the injured Krea.

Feral ran up and killed a Paingiver.

Wilder cast Primal on the Gorax.

Kreuger jumped into the zone to get more CP, since we were practicing for tournament play.

Gorax ran up to Hexeris and killed him immediately. Didn't even take his full Fury.

Silly Gorax, you're not supposed to go on assassination runs :)

Mammoth didn't do much this game... I think he needed to be in the thick of things in order to make the most of his um, bulk. Just shooting doesn't do much vs. such a fast, defensive army.

Results: Win for Circle Orboros via Assassination!!

Post-game thoughts:

I was happy with the result, obviously. I figured eKreuger's feat wouldn't be of much use other than denying Vince a charge or two (with the -2 SPD), but it worked out to give me an extra 2 CP! Pretty nice :)

I think the biggest story of the game was the Mammoth not getting to do much more than shoot. Vince couldn't just leave the left zone, but I wasn't giving him anything to kill. Hexeris wasn't close enough to be able to force him if he got that close to me anyways. In the end, I think that this list might be a good one (I have no way of knowing, but his guys were all really durable!), but not good for that mission. If it had been a tournament, Vince would have probably dropped a better list for the mission so that his Mammoth couldn't be limited so greatly.

Let's talk about the 2nd game now!

My list (again, so you can be lazy):

-Warpwolf Stalker
-Feral Warpwolf

10x Tharn Bloodtrackers
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones

Lord of the Feast
Druid Wilder
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

His List:

-Molik Karn

Min Praetorian Karax
Min Pain Givers

The Mission:

We decided to play the same mission. Vince won the roll, and decided to take first turn.

Pre-game thoughts:

I knew this list was supposed to be crazy assassination-prone on Turn 2. I therefore decided to keep Kreuger as far away as possible.

Here's Vince's Deployment. I opted for the Bloodtrackers to Prey the far right Archidon.

My own deployment. Bloodtrackers angling to kill the Archidon in question :)
Skorne Turn 1:

He moved everything up super aggressively. Very different from the last game.

He's angling to assassinate me, looks like.

Circle Turn 1:

He had kind of misplaced Karn, so I decided that I would try to drag him into my clutches with spells, then kill him off so I had one less assassination threat to worry about.

So, Grove moved closer, and Kreuger got Telekinesis off, then Gallows'd him 5". Megalith took up the same, and used Gallows on him to drag him close. I was dumb and forgot to use TK to change Molik's facing. Lesson learned :(

I threw Primal on the Stalker with the Druid, and warped him over with the stones. Molik died to three hits. I was content to trade the Stalker for Molik.

A very satisfying kill for first turn :)
Lord of the Feast shot at the Ferox, hit, and did 4 damage to one of them, really whiffing hard on the other. Whoops! I figured this would at least make his Ferox less happy to charge me next turn.

Kreuger moved a good distance away from his Archidons. I felt pretty certain that I was outside his bubble of death.

Note that I forgot to move Megalith up to screen Kreuger.

Skorne Turn 2:

After a long time thinking, Vince found a way to kill the LotF (forgot how?) and moved the Ferox into my lines.

Then, Makeda used Leash to move an Archidon closer to Kreuger, and cast Road to War, and also popped her feat.

Gladiator cast Rush on the Archidon.

Probably some other buff went on the Archidon.

Then the Archidon charged Kreuger with inches to spare, easily hit him with boosted attack rolls, and killed him in two hits.

Well... that was embarassing.

Results: Loss for Circle Orboros via TURN 2 assassination!!

Post-game thoughts:

Well, it was embarrassing that I didn't protect myself the way I should have. Kreuger spent all his Fury to drag Karn over to be killed, and so didn't have any left over to transfer. Even if he had, the Archidon would probably have killed him.

Really, what I should have done was pop my feat on Turn 1. If I had, I wouldn't have been able to kill Molik, but would have prevented his Archidons from charging me and wrecking up the place.

Really just a botched job on my part. Next time I'll be able to play it better, but for now, it is what it is, and I epic failed, haha. Thinks like that are the things I need to learn if I want to get good at this game. It wasn't enough to just know that eMakeda has a ridiculous threat range. I needed to experience it.

So, good games, I enjoyed using eKreuger, and will be better next time :)

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

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