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More fun with lists: Marines + Marines + Inquisition 1750

Or, you know, win a GT
Alright, more fun with the new Inquisition book! Last time I posted a list I talked about the awesomeness of scouting Bikes up with the Liber Hereticus relic on a Malleus Inquisitor. While this obviously makes bikes a little better, I have since decided that Bikes aren't really very awesome. Sure, they have good elements to them, but aren't quite what I'm looking for. Not quite resilient enough for their points, or as hard-hitting as I would like. Also, for a guy who enjoys the combat phase, these guys just kind of make it unenjoyable with their lackluster performance.

So, I've played around with a few new lists, and tried to discover what I could replace the Bikes with. The answer is that I like the Chapter Master on a Bike just a little too much to part with him, hence only giving me about 260 points to play around with.

I tried a game recently against optimized Tau where (I just realized) I was short about 100 points, only adding in a squad of Plasma/Bolter-toting Henchmen in a "Psy"mera and leaving out my second intended Thunderfire. The game was still somewhat close, though my Bike Lord failed almost all the saves he was required to take. Overall, I really liked my list (I already linked it, but here it is again, roughly), but felt something needed to be added. I was spending too many points on easy-to-kill Chimeras and ineffective Henchmen squads.

So, here is the new direction of where I'm trying to go:

1750 Marines (Ultramarines) with Marines (White Scars) Allies with Codex: Inquisition
Enter "henchmen" themed pictures

Ultramarines (Primary):

Tigurius the Bold

5x Scouts w/ Boltguns
5x Scouts w/ Boltguns

Stormtalon Gunship w/ Skyhammer Missiles
Stormtalon Gunship w/ Skyhammer Missiles

Thunderfire Cannon
8x Devastators w/ 4x Las Cannons (Tigurius probably goes here)
3x Centurions w/ 3x Grav Cannons, Omniscope (Chapter Master probably goes here, or with Devs)

White Scars (Allies):

Chapter Master on a Bike, Artificer Armor, Shield Eternal, Power Fist, Auspex

5x Scouts w/ Boltguns

Codex: Inquisition (Inquisition)

Coteaz (Probably goes where he likes, though Centurions or Devastators seem likely candidates)
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor w/ Terminator Armor, Psycannon, Psyker, 3x Servo-Skulls, Liber Hereticus

9x Henchmen w/ 9x Boltguns
9x Henchmen w/ 9x Boltguns
9x Henchmen w/ 9x Boltguns

This is at about 1751. Drop a a Boltgun or the Auspex or something.

(Going up to 1850 is easy: add another Thunderfire - I would have dropped Coteaz and added a second TFC anyways if he didn't make the Henchmen scoring)

How I envision this to work:

  • Ordo Malleus Inquisitor starts with the Centurions, who scout move up 6". This also lets the Bike Lord scout move if he really feels like it, or just sit with Devs
  • Henchmen can start on the table or hang out in reserves, depending on what opponent I'm facing. If it's horde-esq, I start on the table, if it's long range shooting, I reserve, etc.
  • Scouts do the same thing, only with outflank as their ally
  • Depending on powers and the enemy, Tigurius starts with the Devs to give them ignore cover, but may switch to Centurions. With Tiggs + Coteaz + Malleus, I can likely get a 4++ invulnerable save for Centurions, as well as ignore cover, or whatever else I feel like.
  • Bike Lord goes and punches things, or gives Centurions Hit and Run.
  • Nice combo with Centurions and Bike Lord or Malleus Inquisitor and Bike Lord is I can split fire with a presciented orbital bombardment on one thing and shoot the Grav weapons at something else.
  • For that matter, Malleus Inquisitor + Bike Lord + Devs can do the same thing - lots of tactical flexibility
  • Thunderfire and Chapter Master Orbital Bombardment use Servo-Skulls. Servos can be placed to force the opponent to places he doesn't want to be.
  • 6 Scoring Units (albeit squishy ones)
  • Lots of anti-horde (useful against many coming books like Guard, 'Nids, and Orks)
  • Centurions essentially get a 36" essential threat range because of scout from Ordo Malleus, assuming opponent doesn't have Servo Skulls as well (a risky presumption, perhaps).
  • Coteaz + Scouts outflanking sometimes maybe?
Really, this list is all about resilience and tactical flexibility. I will generally want to place objectives near the
board edges and near cover where my squishy squads can go to ground. 

Devs can kill vehicles or whatever else they feel like. Same with Centurions, who put out a stupid amount of firepower, buffed by Prescience and potentially Forewarning.

In a single squad, I could have over 800 points (Centurions + Tiggs + Malleus + Coteaz + Bike Lord) or only 260, or anywhere in between. Lots of good combat ability though - Malleus can even keep his Hammerhand power and buff Chapter Master up to S10. While the 800 point unit will be unlikely to work, it may end up being pretty cool in some situations (need to kill off a Nob Biker squad in a single turn?).

Misfortune is also very possible to make life difficult for Screamer Star/Council Star.

My goal is to make everything in the list work together if needed. I could outflank my Devs with Tigurius and Malleus Inquisitor, for example, or even outflank the Centurions. I have a fast and super resilient close-combat model who can contest objectives. I can bring scoring units onto any objective near table edges. My barrage and split fire means I can snipe models and target vital units outside of my line of sight. Storm Talons (barely mentioned here) can go kill troops or tanks or fliers. 

Just really, a fun list. I'm very excited to play it - I think the Centurions add a lot against the current meta and are ridiculously resilient with the Bike Lord + Malleus Inquisitor attached, and can be awesome if Coteaz is also there with his anti-reserves shenanigans.

What are your thoughts? Can this list contend with the latest awesome builds? I feel like squeezing the Centurions into the list take it over the 'hump' of competitive play - enough threats and enough flexibility to challenge anyone if played correctly.

Feel free to tell me in what ways I'm wrong, as usual :)

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