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Feast of Blades Invitational List and Predictions

Feast in India!
Sup folks! I think I already discusssed the Feast a little bit ago, though I figured I'd give everyone the chance to read my list and plot my destruction before the event itself. I also wanted to throw a few predictions out there, so that I can fall short and rage-quit the hobby (just kidding, I reserve the right to quietly-fade-into-the-background-quit).

So, let's get the list out of the way first:

1850 Points of Adam Tricola's Grau (Grey Knights w/ Tau Allies):

Grey Knights (Primary):

Coteaz (Warlord)

9x Henchmen w/ 6x Warrior Acolytes w/ Boltguns, 3x Servitors w/ Plasma Cannons
3x Warrior Acolytes
3x Warrior Acolytes

Storm Raven w/ Hurricane Bolters, Assault Cannon, Multi-Melta, Psybolt Ammo

Nemesis Dreadknight w/ Heavy Incinerator
Nemesis Dreadknight w/ Heavy Incinerator, Shunt Power (whatever it's called, lol)
Nemesis Dreadknight w/ Heavy Incinerator, Shunt Power

Tau Empire (Allies):

Commander w/ 2x Missile Pods, Early Warning Override, Velocity Tracker, PenChip, Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite, Irridium Armor... (that's probably all?)

10x Kroots w/ 1x Hound
10x Kroots w/ 1x Hound

Riptide w/ Ion and Fusion Blaster, Early Warning Override, Positional Relay

3x Broadsides w/ Squad Leader, High-Yield Missile Pod, Smart Missile System, Early Warning Override

List Thoughts:

Well, not much has changed since my last post from the Nova, other than the incursion of Space Marines, who ruin everything for me with their Grav Guns. It'll be interesting to see how easily they ruin my day, though I have a few contingency plans set up to help me thwart them.

First, I've dropped my missile suits in favor of (against my better judgement) giving the ability to Shunt! with two of my Dreadknights. This will give me both a 12" move every turn, and a 30" move once per game. This should allow me to threaten Tau and Eldar opponents more adamantly, and also help me negate some of the stupid missions we'll be playing.

I'm also hoping that the shunt power will help make up for the volume of fire I'm missing out on from my Command suits, by being able to threaten more models with more movement. It will also help me negate poor deployment decisions and really make opponents question the way they're guarding their backfield. Time will tell, I suppose.

Against Marines, I think the key is really to force their Centurions out in the open and shoot them up with my Plasma Cannons/Riptide. This will require the sacrifice of one of my Dreadknights, but overall probably worth it. Otherwise, maximizing the use of Precision Shot vs. Bikes (shooting and in combat, DKs FTW!) will be the order of the day. Killing transports will be easy enough, and charging hapless Marines will also work. I'll make the Marines do the work, coming at me in their flimsy rides to get into their 12" double-tap range. Also, infiltrate my Kroots to help me prevent a first-turn Alphastrike with Bikes against my big guys.

Mostly, I just wish that First Blood wasn't going to be as important as it looks like it will be. My list is turrible at getting First Blood, and most opponents will be able to kill something of mine before I destroy them. That brings us to:

Results Predictions:

I predicted that I would do well at the Nova Open/Invitational, and I met my goals/predictions. I think I may do slightly less awesomely this time around. Here are a few things I'm concerned about:
  • I have played a grand total of one game with this list since the Nova. A month of no practice will probably bite me in the ass.
  • Grav guns aren't the most awesome thing in the whole world, but I have no experience in trying to mess with them. They're a thing I think will require a bit of practice to fully negate, and if I end up running into 300 Bikes, I may make mistakes.
  • First Blood will really rock my world. I'm not sure how often I got First Blood in my 13 games at the Nova, but it wasn't very often. I'm not as concerned about this in my initial games, but am quite concerned once the games start getting closer and closer.
  • The missions are not awesome. I hate the book missions. Hate them, hate them HATE THEM!!
  • haha, sorry for that outburst.
  • Seriously though, the Relic?? I honestly don't think I've ever in the history of 6th edition claimed the Relic by game's end. Some games ended before I had the chance to do that, but really, I hate it. Easy to call that one the "First Blood" mission.
  • Scouring is just so arbitrary! I hate that sometimes you'll face an opponent who has all 3 of the big values in their own deployment zone and you just auto-lose a game which would normally be really close. Incidentally, we play that one twice, one of those times being Game 7 for all the marbles.
My Prediction:

I think I will do one of two things:
  1. I will make the top bracket by winning 3 or 4 games on Day 1, and somehow find a way to lose on Day 2.
  2. I'll lose once or twice on Day 1 to stuff I'm not mentally prepared to play, but then totally redeem myself by winning my Bracket in Day 2.
That means in either scenario, I'm predicting an unprecedentedly cocky 5-2 record. That will be enough to bring me way down in the Torrent of Fire Rankings, at which I'm currently sitting at a (bizarre) 6th place. Check it out!

As Always:

Come say hi if you want! I'll be wearing a "Let the Wookie Win" t-shirt on Day 1, and if I'm in the Top Bracket on Day 2, I'll still be wearing it! Otherwise, I'll probably have some other awesome Star Wars t-shirt on. I'm tall, and named Adam. I just got a haircut :-p

Let me know how full of BS I am for thinking this stupid list will do well! I've done well in the past with similar lists, but people are still mocking me ruthlessly for taking 3 Dreadknights. Will my magical run of Top Bracketing finally end?

Odds on me getting into a brawl with someone I would normally destroy, but who just happens to have a pewter Dreadnought in a sock (Dread-sock!) on hand for just such an occasion?

Wish me luck!

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