Saturday, August 10, 2013

NOVA Open/Invitational Here I Come!

Hey y'all. Not much to say, other than the fact that I've (finally) shelled the requisite money out for both a plane ticket and registration fees for the NOVA! A couple details after jumping.

Well, despite me never posting here and hardly playing 40k due to a fancy new job, I'm happy to say that I'll be playing in one of the best 40k tournaments out there in the form of the 8-round Open. To top that, I've been afforded the honor of getting my skull crushed at the Invitational as well. 32 players enter, only 1 loses all 5 games. Now, I know we all hope that doesn't happen to me (right?), but it has to happen to someone. Why not me?

Haha, all false modesty aside, a couple changes have happened to my list. I'll be taking GK still, but with some magical Tau allies. What GKs will remain to form this unholy alliance with the Tau shall for now remain a secret, but get pumped to see the return of all three Dreadknights and a Purple/Green Riptide :)

I've played two practice games with it so far, and beat both a very strong 'Nids player/list, as well as a very tough Tau w/ Farsight allies Suit list. Neither win was pretty, but I'm happy enough with my results. Hoping to get in at least a few more practice games before I get my happy ass over to the East Coast. At least this time there's not a hurricane blowing!

Also, looks like my Bugeater GT batreps didn't actually update on other folks' blogs, so nobody knows that I wrote all six of them, with full color pictures and self-deprecating commentary (not sure if that's actually true). It's the post before this one, and I'm too lazy to link it, so just find it on your own.

Alright, got a Final and a Final Paper to write this weekend (20+ pages to write in total) so I'm outro. Pumped to see everyone at the Nova though!

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