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Genghis 2010 Fantasy Tournament Report

Saturday was the 40k tournament, and I qualified for the tournament in Vegas, placing 2nd overall in a field of 60 players.  Sunday was the day I just had fun and played a non-serious non-competitive day of Fantasy.
  I was so unconcerned by how I did for the day that despite the fact that I have the models to play a list I'd prefer to take (with more magic defense) I decided I wasn't going to paint at all the week going into Genghis, and took my last year's unoptimized list. 

Here's the basic list I took (2000 points total):

Dread Lord on a Dragon w/ Pendant of Khaleth, Armor of Eternal Servitude, Crimson Death, other mundane armor
Death Hag w/ Cauldron of Blood, BSB
Master on Cold One
5 Dark Riders w/ Crossbows and Musician
5 Dark Riders w/ Crossbows and Musician
5 Dark Riders w/ Crossbows and Musician
5 Cold One Knights w/ Banner
12 Black Guard w/ Champion, Musician, Banner, Banner of Always Strikes First, Ring of Hotek
War Hydra
War Hydra

It's a list that excells at combat, and fails against magic.  The ring of Hotek is nice, but doesn't really protect against vamp counts and other armies that only use one dice to cast spells (tzeench demon casting armies come to mind).

A couple disclaimers:

-Throughout the tournament, people told me that my list was pretty 'power-gamey' and though I don't really think that's necessarily true, my true idea for making this army was to have an army with a ton of creatures.  I bought the dragon and hydras before I knew if they were good or not.  Being primarily a 40k player who dabbles in Fantasy (as in, plays in the occational tournament, and ZERO casual games), I just wanted another game to play.  An all-creature list sounded cool, so thats what I went for.  I just recently picked up hordes for that very reason- huge animals killing things really appeals to me for some reason.

- I'm a fairly inexperienced fantasy player.  I know how to play 40k in and out, but I'm not a veteran of fantasy, and don't really want to get TOO into it until the new 8th edition for it comes out anyways.  So, if I get rules things wrong, or we did things wrong, please take it easy on me.

Alright!  So, there were 30-40 people there, and everyone was excited:  lots of prizes to be had and even more important to some- this was ALSO a qualifier for the Grand Tournament in Vegas!  I wasn't concerned, as I was just there to roll some dice- I'd already qualified for Vegas in the game I cared about.

So, they announced pairings and:

Game 1:  Dark Elves vs. Britton's Slanneshi Demon Horde!

Well, I've played this guy a few times in 40k, and he's done a really cool thing with his army- he has the bases cut out in his infantry blocks so that his round 40k bases can fit in and he can play fantasy AND 40k with the same army.  I did the same thing with my Khorne Demons a while ago, only with magnets.  His method is a whole lot cooler though.

His list:

Keeper of Secrets
3 Fiends
3 Fiends
9 or 10? Seekers
15 Demonettes
10 Demonettes
10 Demonettes
Herald w/ Seekers
Herald w/ big block of Demonettes

The army had 3 'Siren Song' users, which could be used to drag me into combat at his whim.  This seems more like MY idea of a power-army.  Forcing someone to charge who doesn't want to can be fairly nasty.  Lots and lots of Always strikes first at a higher initiative, this army is very scary to face.

We placed our models fairly straightforwardly:  My dark riders were in the middle, on my right flank, and on my left flank.  Hydras were just inside them, also on the flanks.  Black Guard were in the middle, and the Cauldron of Blood was behind them.  The cold ones I placed just to the right of the black guard.

He placed his fiends on my far left flank, the keeper in the middle surrounded by blocks of infantry, and the seekers slightly to the right of his placement.  No terrain really affected our game.  We rolled to see who went first and he won- giving it to me.

My plan:

Well, siren song was good, but really not amazing against my army.  He doesn't have any crazy combat resolution units, and I'm pretty sure that my own units can hold their own in combat with him.  I'm more worried about the keeper of secrets, who can mess up my plans pretty well.  If I can, I'll charge her with my dragon, and hope my millions of ward/armor saves/regen can keep me alive long enough to kill her. 

Dark Elves Turn 1:

I bounded my guys up some, and the dark riders all moved 18" and shot at various things, killing NOTHING, sadly.  Cauldron gave my black guard the 5+ ward save.

Demons Turn 1:

He declared charges with his fiends on the far left flank on my leftmost hydra, and also declared charges on the same hydra with his keeper of secrets and other fiend squad near the center.  I chose to flee, since I would only need about 4" to escape.  I of course rolled a 3, and the hydra was run down.  He also charged my dark riders with some demonettes, and I chose to flee, escaping this time, thankfully.  He decided to redirect his charge from the Keeper and one of the fiends squads into my black guard, who held.

In movement, he moved his seekers close to his keeper and at an angle, so that my Dragon couldn't counter-charge the keeper.

He didn't have much magic, but did cast stupidity on my remaining hydra, who failed to dispell it.  In combat, the keeper killed 2 black guard, who in return caused 4 or 5 wounds to his fiends.  The fiends couldn't strike, and he lost combat by quite a bit.  The keeper took a wound for no retreat due to her reroll from BSB, but the fiends rolled awesome and stayed alive.

Dark Elves Turn 2:

Well, the Keeper was probably going to eat my Black Guard, but there wasn't a whole lot I could do about that.  My Dark Riders failed to rally, and kept running. Cold Ones failed their stupidity check, and ambled forward, blocking a charge from my hydra into his seekers.  The dragon declared a charge into his seekers, and everything else of mine moved forward.  My hydra moved up and flamered a full squad of demonettes, but only killed 1 somehow, despite my hitting the entire squad w/ S5.  The cauldron continued to give my black guard a 5+ ward save.

On the left flank, my dark riders circled a demonette squad, failing to kill anything with their crossbows.  In combat, the keeper killed 1 black guard, and they in return killed the remaining fiends, and won combat again by even more, forcing the keeper into another 2 wounds.  She has 2 left at this point.  The dragon was only somehow able to kill 2 seekers, who held.

Demons Turn 2:

Fiends on the left flank declared a charge into the flank of my black guard.  He shifted his units, but mostly everything was in combat.  The demonette squad on the left turned so that my dark riders wouldn't get a rear charge on them.

In combat, my dragon killed a few more seekers, and a single hit got through his armor and hurt him in return.  They still barely held though, with his battle standard and a single other seeker still alive.  My black guard took 2 wounds from the Keeper, and in return killed a fiend and put a wound on another.  He lost combat AGAIN despite his flank charge, and though the fiends remained untouched, the keeper took yet another wound.  One more to go!  I am, however, down to 4 models in this combat (after the fiends hit me hard).

Dark Elves Turn 3:

My dark riders rallied, but my stupid Ld. 9 Cold Ones failed stupidity once again.  My hydra charged the block of 9 demonettes, and my squad on the left continued to harrass the demonette squad, keeping out of charge range.  They killed 1 demonette I think.

In combat, my Dragon finally killed the last seeker, and the hydra killed quite a few demonettes, who rolled a 3 for leadership and stayed around without any wounds.  My Black Guard finally crumbled, after the Keeper decided she'd had enough of puny mortals pwning her.  Still, for a 200-300 point squad, they really put the hurt on, taking their points and then some before disappearing in a blaze of glory.

Demons Turn 3:

Well, the remaining 2 fiends decided to charge my Cold Ones, and somehow were able to charge around my dragon into their flank.  The large Demonette squad siren songed my Dragon into combat with them, which was fine with me.  The Keeper charged my Cauldron of Blood.  Ut oh!

In combat, my dragon epic failed to do much, killing 2 demonettes.  He ended up winning combat by 1, barely, and I was forced to give him the two banners I had collected from killing his BSB and standard in the seeker squad.  The Keeper challenged and killed my hag before she could strike.  The other two hags held.  My hydra finally killed the last demonette in the squad and decided to look around for more delicious meals.  The fiends killed a Cold One, and the cold ones won combat somehow, but the fiends rolled awesome leadership again and lived.

Dark Elves Turn 4:

Not much to do but fight my battles.  The hydra did amble up closer to the demonette squad to the left, and my dark riders prepared a charge into the demonettes my dragon was fighting for next turn.

In Combat my dragon killed a ton of demonettes, who this time failed their leadership, and lost even more of them.  They were down to a rank.  The Keeper killed the remaining Hags, and the cauldron of blood disappeared.  The fiends killed one more Cold One, and I again failed to do anything, but held.

Demons Turn 4:

The Keeper charged my rallied dark riders squad near the table edge.  Every unit but his leftmost demonette squad was in combat so we just dove right in.

The fiends were now up against my master in the cold one squad, and I actually caused a wound, winning combat.  He said that I didn't get a free reform though, but that my knights had to first turn around and then NEXT turn they'd get into combat?  It seemed a little dumb, but we needed to hurry to finish the game so I didn't argue it too strenuously.

My dragon lord was challenged, and killed the demonette herald.  The other demons made good morale rolls and stayed where they were.  Dark Riders were killed to a man, and the Keeper ran off the table.

Dark Elves Turn 5:

No real charges to declare besides my dark riders on the right into his large (and whittled down by my dragon) demonette squad. 

In combat, my Master again won combat vs. the fiends, and the other two or 3 knights ambled into the fight.  My dragon, combined with the Dark Riders, were able to smush the rest of the demonettes, and overran, though not very far. 

Demons Turn 5:

His keeper came back on the board and decided to sit on her hands, since she had 2 of my banners PLUS half her own victory points.  Sad for me :(

His fiends won combat, I failed leadership by a ton, and fled, and he caught me.  Not much else.

Dark Elves Turn 6:

I was happy to charge his final demonette squad with my hydra, dragon, and two squads of rough riders, wiping them out. 

Demons Turn 6:

Does nothing since he only has 1 wound on his keeper, and 2 injured fiends left on the board.


Draw for the Dark Elves!

Somehow I only got a draw, though I'm not really sure how.  He said I was 12 points off of getting a Minor Victory off him, and I guess I didn't care enough to argue.  I got a lot of battle/objective points, so I got enough points to equal what I would normally have gotten off a Major Victory.  Ah well, it's just a laid back tournament.  I was happy to do as well as I did against the Demons, to be honest.

Game 2:  Dark Elves vs. Squig Goblins!!

Well, I've played a lot of goblin players in my day, but had never ever seen a ranked squid goblin squad.  Here's his list:

2 Goblins shamans w/ at least 1 mushroom each
3 Large blocks of Goblins
3 Large blocks of attack squigs
Giant modeled as a squig
Giant modeled as a squig

The three blocks of goblins each had 2 fanatics.  It should be noted that Skarsnik had like 10 ranks total.  The squad was enormously large.

Deployment went about exactly as last game, with my guys all centering around the black guard, and hydras and dark riders on the flank.  I did keep the dragon on my right side, however.

His deployment went about as expected:  Skarsnik in the middle and other various goblin squads flanking him.  The giants both went on the left side, presumably to crush my lone hydra over there.

He got first turn, and took it.

My Plan:

I wanted my Dragon to circle around and hit Skarsnik's squad on the flank, since the squad stuck so far out behind the rest of the squads.  Other than that, if I could kill off the fanatics, I should be able to handle his blocks pretty well.

Goblins Turn 1:

He rolled animosity (he did every turn faithfully, with varied results, none of which REALLY did a whole lot, so I won't mention them again) and moved upward.  A few spells bounced off my hydras, and it was my turn.

Dark Elves Turn 1:

I moved my black guard up foolishly, forgetting the fanatics that might be in the goblin unit.  I trigger 2, and one jumps through and kills 3 of my Black Guard.  My dark riders in the center I move next, drawing 2 more fanatics that don't reach me.  Everything else moves up, but I fail to trigger any more fanatics.  Apparently the ranked squigs don't have fanatics.  Cold ones are delayed by the sneaky traps, and they do nothing this game.  I won't mention them again this report :P  Dragon just flies 20" forward and turns, drawing a bead on Skarsnik's squad.  He'll be in charge range next turn.

Goblins Turn 2:

He ambles ahead even more.  One squig squad on the left angles itself so that it's an enticing target for my hydra, but also places his giants so that they can easily countercharge if I do choose to attack them.  Lots of him standing still in fear of his own fanatics.  One shaman gets out of his squad to block my charge on Skarsnik's squad with my dragon for a turn.

Dark Elves Turn 2:

My Dark Riders in the center and Hydra on the left charge his squig squad.  Dragon charges Skarsnik's squad, but apparently bumps into his shaman.  Come to think of it, shouldn't I have just flown over him?  Ah well... live and learn.  My hydra on the right runs up in between two of his squads, just out of LOS of any of his squads, and flames down a lot of goblins and squigs in two squads to the right of Skarsnik's unit.

The hydra/dark rider combat on the left goes well for me, and I win combat by a ton.  The squigs explode, and kill all of my dark riders?  wow... I didn't know they did that!  They also put 2 wounds on his giant standing next to them.  My hydra overruns into the wounded giant.The Dragon lord predictably crushed the poor shaman, and charged into the flank of Skarsnik's squad.

Goblins Turn 3:

His giant countercharged my hydra on the left, and he shuffled around.  Finally, he decides to move Skarsnik into base with my Dragon Lord.

In combat, the Dragon Lord challenges (so the other goblins can't strike) and I do what I expected:  put 7 unsavable wounds on Skarsnik, who doesn't even get to strike back.  He fails two stubborn 6 leaderships, and runs, and I pursue, catching him, and overrunning into another goblin unit.  My hydra manages to kill the wounded giant, but takes a few wounds from the 'fresh' one on his flank.

Dark Elves Turn 3:

It's mayhem now, and my Hydra charges the flank of the squad it flamered last turn.  My Black Guard, finally free from the threat of fanatics, charge into a squid squad.

In combat, I was able to crush more goblins with my dragon, and overrun, getting ready to charge on turn 4 into his remaining squig squad on the far left.  The hydra ate the squad it wanted to, and the black guard took massive casualties due to 'blowing up' the squad they charged.  They went down to well below half strength.  My hydra put another 2 wounds on his giant, and the giant caused another 2 on the hydra.  Hydra had 1 left at this point.

Goblins Turn 4:

He didn't have a ton left to do anything with, and basically said 'lets play your turn, and we can call it'.  In combat, his giant killed my hydra before it could strike.

Dark Elves Turn 4:

My Dragon charged a squig squad, and killed it all, and we called it.  At this point he only had 2 wounds on his giant and a squig squad on the far right at 3/4 strength.  We called it there.


Massacre win for the Dark Elves!

I ended up getting just about every point possible, and was slightly surprised to find myself at the 2nd table going into the 3rd and final round.

Game 3:  Dark Elves vs. Wood Elves!

Philip had a really cool army, with lots of tree-things, and a TON of archers. 

Here's what I remember of his list:

Archer lady on horse
Scout special character
Lord on a Dragon
2 squads of 20 or so archers each
3 squads of about 10 dryads
6 or 7 wardancers
I think thats it?

My deployment was pretty different this game.  I knew my Black Guard wouldn't end up doing a whole lot, since I needed to protect them from archer death on the left, where he deployed all his archers (1 squad on a hill, the other spread out on the ground).  Instead, the game involved a big LOS-blocking 'gateway' in the center of the table that we got a few battle points for controlling.  I decided that was going to be the Guard's target to hold.  Everyone else deployed strongly to the left, I was hoping to get first turn so my fast cav would only have one turn of getting wrecked by archers before they could charge them.

His deployment was simple- archers on the left, dryads on the flanks and in the center, and dancers/treeman/dragon in the middle.  He created a forest in the center of the table that he moved from time to time.  Scary.

We rolled and he got first turn.

Wood Elves Turn 1:

He moved his treeman into the trees, with his wardancer and mounted archer lady.  The Archer lady didn't play a huge roll in this game, so I won't mention her again (or my black guard, sadly).  The dryads all advanced, and the archers wrecked two of my dark rider squads, killing all of them (1 squad remaining on my left flank, directly across from some dryads).

Dark Elf Turn 1:

I advanced my guys.  The dragon decided to get ready to countercharge the dryads, and I set up my dark riders so the dryads would charge them and no matter their overrun I'd be able to charge.  Hydras moved forward as well, advancing toward his archers and forest.  My Cold Ones, who actually didn't fail stupidity once this game, advanced close to the forest, baiting a charge, so my Hydra could counter-charge.
Shooting did nothing this round.

Wood Elf Turn 2:

He ran his Treeman into my Cold Ones.  His dragon on the mount just hung out and shot a little bit.  His dryads on the left charged and easily wiped out my dark riders, and overran.  Shooting all went into my leftmost hydra and my dragon, who all just shrugged off the shots.

In combat, my cold ones caused a wound on the treeman, and the treeman mostly whiffed, killing only one Cold One.  I won, and he broke, running 12" with 2 dice!  I pursued 11" and he got away, though I crashed into the wardancers with the Cold Ones.

Dark Elf Turn 2:

I was able to charge his dryads with my dragon, and they had to hold.  My hydra in the middle of the board crashed through the forest, since it didn't have LOS on anything to charge.

In combat, my cold one knights were able to kill 3 or 4 wardancers, who whiffed, but passed their leadership.  My dragon tore the dryads a new one, and overran a massive 5" towards his archer line.

Wood Elf Turn 3:

His treeman failed to rally on an 8, and kept running, nearly off the table.  His dragon lord, desperate, decided to charge my dragon, and also charged my dragon with his archers on the hill, hoping to get flanking bonuses.  He failed his leadership on their terror check, and they ran off the board.  In the middle where the woods were, another squad of dryads charged into the flank of my cold ones.

In combat, my dragon lord weathered his attacks on him, and butchered the rider, though the dragon stayed where it was, unbreakable.  In the wardancer combat, the knights were able to kill another 2 wardancers (for a total of 1 left) and won combat, though he held.

Dark Elf Turn 4:

My hydra on the left side charged into the dragon, so I could get his points, and the hydra in the middle charged and destroyed the other squad of archers.  My hydra/dragon were able to cause 2 wounds to the dragon, who in turn did one to my dragon.  The knights lost a man, but were able to kill the remaining wardancer.

Wood Elf Turn 5:

His Treeman finally rallied, and hung out where he was.  His dryads on the right, finally had line of sight to my cauldron of blood, and attacked.  My Death Hag butchered his leader, but they ended up winning combat anyways, killing the other two attendants.  I held, though.  I was able to put another 2 wounds on his dragon.  Knights killed a few dryads.

Dark Elf Turn 5:

Not much to do but a couple combats.  My Knights were able to kill another few dryads, but they held.  My dragon killed his dragon before he could take my dragon below half.  My Death Hag died, along with the cauldron.

Wood Elf Turn 6:

His dryads walked around, as did his treeman.  The combat between my knights and his dryads continued to rage, and I won combat yet again, though he passed leadership.

Dark Elf Turn 6:

I won combat with his dryads, chased them down, and the game ended, with him only having a partial squad of dryads left, and the (mostly) alive treeman.  Also the archer lady who didn't do much. 


Massacre win for the Dark Elves!!

Well, somehow I had won, though maybe it was a good matchup for me.  He didn't have any magic at all, which helps me out a lot.  I thought it was in a spot of trouble when he killed all my dark riders turns 1 and 2, but he got desperate for points quickly, and made a suicide run on my dragon, who is armed to the teeth to deal with a wood elf lord like him.  I ended up with most of the objective points as well.

Overall Tournament Results:

As he started giving out prizes, I figured maybe I would get 2nd best general or something, since a few other people had done well in the final game.  As he listed the 'best generals' one by one, my suspense grew.  When he called an excellent player up for 3rd overall, I was on the edge of my seat, and when he announced that I'd won 2nd overall (with the preface that I'd qualified for Vegas), I was a little shocked, to be honest.  I got a dwarves batallion box for my efforts, as well as a cool axe on a plaque that says '2nd overall' at Genghis.  I made sure that the 3rd overall guy wrote his name down as an alternate for Fantasy though, because if you can only play at one of the GT's I'll certainly be playing in the 40k.

An overall great result for me, with 3 great opponents.  I couldn't believe that I had qualified for both Fantasy AND 40k in the same weekend.  Great weekend all around! :)

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