Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Tournament Results

Image result for tournament resultsThis post will be more for my own records than anything. One of the perks to writing a battle report blog is that I get a tangible reminder of events in the past. I tend to be very nostalgic, and being able to relive old games and events is a really fun thing for me. I want to have this post for my own sake later in life, where I can see all the tournaments I played in one year and see how things went.

I don't expect that anyone else really cares about my past games/tournament record. It's not for self-aggrandizement. Whereas I certainly have an ego (as does everyone, to some degree), I don't really care to beat other people over the head with my accomplishments. I have other ways to stroke my ego if I want to do that. Still, if this sort of thing isn't something you're interested in reading, don't do it. Simple as that. :)

Warmachine Battle Report 49: Baldur1 and Krueger2 at a Steamroller, 75 points

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Hello all,
Another month, another tournament for me. I get to go to about 1 or 2 each month, depending on what the wifey lets me do.

This was another event at my old stomping grounds, Gryphon Games and Comics in Fort Collins, CO. I've been doing pretty well at each event I've been to since I've gotten back into Warmachine, but this event was going to be a little rougher than usual: I was kind of forced to bring Krueger2 instead of Tanith (because Tanith and the birds are all out right now getting painted).

Here's my list: (after the jump)