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Warmachine Battle Report 45: Baldur1 and Krueger2 at 75 Point Steamroller!

Image result for funtastic gamesHowdy everyone, it's been a week or so. I've been pretty busy, and haven't gotten around to my reports. This is actually the first of two tournament reports I'll be attempting to stamp out over the course of this week (it might be more than that, we'll see).

As some of you may know, I let people vote for who my second caster should be. After an overwhelming response of Facebook, Twitter, and Blog responses, the final tally was 3 for Krueger2 and 2 for Baldur2.

Seriously, way to overwhelm me with your responses guys. :-|

Also, be prepared: this wasn't my most inspired day of playing. By a long shot. That isn't to say the games aren't interesting, but it was a little rough. :)

Haha, at any rate, here are my lists:

I'm going to start using good objectives eventually, don't worry.

Tournament Scene:

There were exactly 8 people who showed up for the event. I honestly don't remember the breakdown, but I do know that there was a great spread of armies at the event. I wouldn't be surprised to find that there were zero duplicate armies. Always nice!

The field was a little bit rough though. Some of the best players in our meta were in attendance, a few of which were openly discussing how they had tooled their lists just to beat me. As flattering as that sort of attention is, it also makes tournaments like this far more difficult to navigate successfully.

My goal for this tournament was (as always) to win. I would need to find a place to drop Krueger2 early, as he was the caster I was least certain of in a competitive setting.

Game 1: Circle vs. Gabe's Legion of Everblight!!

His Lists:

Double Hellmouth... ugh.

Pairings Debate:

I didn't write up a report about the game, but I had JUST played against Gabe the evening before this event, where he took Abby2 and I took Krueger2. The difference was that he had changed his list, while I hadn't changed mine at all.

I was almost certain he would drop Abby2.

Given her feat (everything flies), Baldur1 was looking like a somewhat poor choice (his feat is essentially negated by hers). I thought Krueger2 had some decent game into Abby2 though, so that's who I went with.

>> I dropped Krueger2.

>> Gabe dropped Abby2.

>>> Gabe won the roll to go first and chose the side of the board where... something? I think he just wanted 2nd turn against me.

Pre-game thoughts:

In my previous game against him, Gabe wrecked my Sentry Stones immediately. Eyeless sight makes it easy to pick them out. I would need to protect them better.

This is an awkward matchup because both of our lists rely on super long threat ranges. Abby's threat ranges are actually just barely farther than Krueger2's however. I would need to find a way to force him to commit beasts so I could have the first hit on his heavies.

The Hellmouths would also be interesting. Impervious flesh makes them really tough to take out, and I have to say I envy their ability to screen the rest of the Legion army. Seriously a really unit, though a pain in my ass to deal with in this game :)


Crazy that Hellmouths can deploy in a place where they automatically contest flags!

Circle Turn 1:

I moved up, but kept the Sentry Stones back a little bit. a lot of shooting later, I managed to kill 3 Hellmouth tentacles.

All in all, I was likely a little too timid this turn. I wanted to stay outside the Hellmouth threat ranges.

I believe he's got those other 3 tentacles in the back so he can kill them and make a Shredder with the Pot.

Legion Turn 1:

Gabe advanced, though he didn't really do much to me. I believe he managed to kill a Mannikin.

We're at kind of a standoff, distance-wise.

Circle Turn 2:

I decided to try and remove the rightmost Hellmouth, and wait for Gabe to commit to the flags so I could get a counter-punch in.

Shrimp used concentrated fire to get a few boxes off of the rightmost Hellmouth, and the Pureblood managed to spray the thing to death.

Other Mannikins got some shots in - I believe at least one solo (spell martyr?) got sprayed down.

The biggest mistake of this turn was that I didn't commit enough models to contesting the flags. I needed Gabe to commit a lot of models to clearing them, but I didn't really create that situation. His threat ranges made it all really risky. Abby2 has some game!

Sorry it's a little blurry.

Legion Turn 2:

I had given Gabe a wide open invitation to get two CP really cheaply, and he decided to comply.

The Raek got into my Shrimp but only killed one.

Shooting and stuff killed off most of my Mannikins.

Angelius charged in and cleared my Mannikins on the left flag (he also controlled it).

A Shredder from the pot ran and held the flag on my right.

The Pot made another Shredder.

One ray of light in this abysmal turn was that he forgot about Storm Winds and had the Ravagore shoot at something outside his reduced range. I got to chose the scatter direction, and the AOE nearly one-shotted a Shredder. Haha!

He did control both flags for 2 points. Not going well so far.

Score: 2-0, advantage Legion.

Not a great start.

Circle Turn 3:

I hadn't planned well thus far, and I needed to make up for that this turn.

I had the opportunity to take out two different heavies AND the Pot this turn and only really risk one of my own. I felt that was an acceptable risk.

Shrimp went first, and killed one Shredder.

Woldwyrd went and got into gunfighter range of the Raek. He didn't do much damage to the thing though. Not being able to boost much is pretty rough (he's only Fury 2).

Krueger went next and shot the remaining life off of the Ravagore'd Shredder. He then TK'd the Pureblood a little farther up, and put Primal on him.

Pureblood charged in on the Ravagore and killed him easily, then dedicated a few more punches at the Pot, also killing it. It created a Shredder before it died though. Heh.

Sentry Stones teleported up and created a 6" wall of forest for Ghetto to eventually hide behind.

Ghetto walked up and punched an enterprising tentacle to death, and hid behind the forest wall, which screened him from the Scythean and Seraph. If Abby wanted to charge him, I'd be in a great position to win the game. Just in case, I put up Spiny Growth.

Alten advanced and shot 6 points off of the Angelius. I believe he had already taken another 5 off the previous turn.

This left the door wide open for the Feral, who meandered up and boosted a couple of punches into the Angelius. The Angel died, even though Feral was warping for ARM.

And just like that, I'd killed 2 heavies, the Pot, 2 Shredders, and a number of other solos. The Feral also scored for me.

Score: 2-1, advantage Legion.

Not a bad turn!

Legion Turn 3:

Gabe saw an opportunity to win the game, though it wasn't a perfect chance.

Abby went first and punched the Pureblood a few times, then killed a Mannikin to trigger the +2 STR and +2 SPD from Alpha. Then, she POPPED HER FEAT. She then repositioned behind the Hellmouth on the left.

Seraph went next and charged my two Sentry Stones. It killed one, but Gabe rolled poorly and he failed to kill the 2nd.

The Raek ran away from the Shrimp and Wyrd, taking free strikes that didn't hurt it much. He ran over and punched the objective, spiking the first few damage rolls but not quite able to finish the thing off.

That kind of sealed the "win this round" possibility, but he could still put himself in a dominant position.

Scythean ran in and killed the Wyrd and all the remaining Shrimp (but not the Druid unit leader).

Hellmouth tentacle attacked my Feral but didn't roll the "8" necessary to hit. You see, if he had hit the Feral, the Feral would have been dragged into B2B with the Hellmouth, which would give me no other model available to contest the flag. He could have run a Shepard to the flag and scored again.

As it stood, Gabe still scored another point on the right flag and held dominant table position.

Score: 3-1, advantage Legion.

Still a pretty obvious assassination vector for me here though...

Circle Turn 4:

I had two options. One option was to go for attrition. I was fairly certain I could kill the Scythean and Seraph this turn - Ghetto and the Feral were both easily in range for that. Krueger could probably kill the Raek if pressed, and Abby would essentially be left hanging there with the Hellmouth and maybe a solo or two.

The second option was to go for the kill on Abby. Gabe had forgotten to leave himself a transfer target, so all my damage would be to Abby.

I decided the risk was too great to rely on everything going perfectly for attrition. Time to assassinate Abby, if possible.

First, I needed to kill the Tentacle between the Feral and Abby. Actually, I also needed to get Hunter's Mark on the Hellmouth up there if possible, but the Blackclad didn't have walking range.

So, Blackclad charged the Tentacle. If he killed it, he could use Battle Mage (or whatever it's called) and cast a spell. Instead, he failed to even hit the stupid DEF 10 thing. Needed a "4". Shameful.

Krueger sighed, shook his head, and charged the Hellmouth. He killed it easily. He then put Primal on both Ghetto and the Feral, and TK'd them both 2" forward.

Feral charged the Hellmouth, which was blocking Ghetto's access to Abby. He killed the Hellmouth easily, killed a Shepard between Ghetto and Abby, and even put a few boxes of damage on Abby herself.

Ghetto then warped for Murderous and charged Abby. A couple punches later, it was all over...

We both scored a point, and the game ended.

Ghetto to the face!

Game Results: Win for Circle via assassination!!

Post-game thoughts:

Well, that ended better than it started, for sure.

Still, Gabe almost had the easiest scenario win of his life. I still can't believe how little I forced him to work for those initial 2 points. Killing 4 or 5 DEF 12 infantry is pretty damn easy, lol.

After that, I felt I did a decent job of removing important models. Still, my earlier reticence to contest the flags with meaningful models was nearly my undoing. It's something I'll need to think about for future games.

I actually think that Turn 2 would have been the best turn for my own feat. It would have given me a turn of relative safety from meaningful charges, and left Gabe unable to claim the flags on his own Turn 2. Ah well, maybe next time :)

Tournament Scene:

Already in the top 4, lol!

Factions in the top 4 included:

Circle (myself)

All three other players were very solid, though I hadn't played the Khador player yet.

Game 2: Circle vs. Tom's Khador!!

His lists:

Is Zerkova good now?

Pairings Debate:

Gah, I didn't want to play against Irusk2. He was almost certainly going to take Irusk2, and I wasn't sure what would be good against it.

Baldur1 has done well enough against Khador so far, but I very nearly lost (and probably should have) in game 4 of the Rocky Mountain Rumble against Irusk2. I doubted that would go well.

On the other hand, my Krueger2 list would have a tough time against a lot of the things in that list as well, and I wasn't as confident with him as I am with Baldur.

So, I very reluctantly chose Baldur1.

>> I dropped Baldur1.

>> Tom dropped Irusk2.

>> We rolled for sides and Tom won, choosing first turn. I chose the side of the board with a big-ass forest on it.

Pre-game thoughts:

Well, this was going to be tough. I figured the Bloodtrackers might be able to take on the Kayazy unit, but I had no idea how to deal with the Uhlans, other than whittle them down slowly. I figured the Sentry Stones would be able to spray the Winter Guard away.

Really, I didn't have a ton of solid plans, just vague ideas. Not the best mental state to enter a game with :)


I figured the Druids would go hang out in the trees for stealth or something.... ?

He has Alten Ashley, Kell Bailoch, and a Widowmaker solo in AD.

Khador Turn 1:

I didn't bother to do the math, and it ended up screwing me. Kell, Widowmaker, and Alten all combined to kill one of my Sentry Stones. Alten needed an "8" to kill it, but that's a likely enough result that it made me feel pretty foolish. I could have easily prevented that by deploying a little more defensively.

Otherwise, he ran up.

One fewer Sentry Stone, for no reason. Doh!

Circle Turn 1:

I had the distance to trample Megalith up and get Earth Spikes off on one of the solos. But somehow I trampled in the wrong direction and was just outside of range. Sigh.

Sentry Stone and Mannikins managed to kill off a Rocket and Kell. I rolled poorly and missed against everything else.

Wrath trundled forward and shot one of the Uhlans. He hit, but instead of the "9" he needed to kill his target, he rolled a "6" (boosted), doing almost nothing.

Baldur put Stone Skin on the Wrath and Solid Ground on himself, and walked up. I'm not sure how I came to this conclusion, but I decided I was in great danger this turn, so I POPPED MY FEAT.

... yep.

Nothing much else happened.

I think I took 20 minutes on this turn. Seriously.

Khador Turn 2:

The Uhlans would be unable to charge the Wrath this turn.

Winterguard advanced and got some really (really) gross damage spikes on Megalith.

Alten also shot Megalith and spiked the 6 damage he needed to take out Mega's spirit.

Something killed my Sentry Stone.


What a waste of my own feat.

Circle Turn 2:

It was time for another long turn of not accomplishing much.

If Tom hadn't spiked his damage so high, I'd have had a reasonable assassination run this turn with the Wrath aiming to shoot Irusk, Stones porting Baldur for a boosted Earth Spikes, and Megalith charging some Winter Guard then using that vantage for another boosted Earth Spikes. Follow that with a Blackclad boosted POW 12 spray (Baldur would have put up the Wrath animus), and Irusk would have very likely died, even counting his camp of 1 focus.

Looking at things now, I think that even without Mega's help, I'd have had a decent chance - 10 from Wrath, 7 from Earth Spikes, 4 from Blackclad, subtract 5 for his 1 focus camp = 16 damage. Maybe not enough to kill him for sure, but enough that it was around 40% or so.

Still, I thought I had an okay chance to still win.

I spent another really long turn trying to figure out what to do.

I eventually settled for doing almost nothing again. Wrath shot and hit again, then AGAIN failed to kill one of the Uhlans.

Bloodtrackers went up to make it less likely that the Uhlans would be able to charge my main lines. I also killed a couple random Kayazy.

Druids advanced but didn't do a whole lot.

And that was my turn. I had Baldur hide himself and Megalith behind a forest. Lol.

The -3 SPD on Irusk's feat only hit Mega, Wrath, and Baldur. It was enough to keep me from charging the Wrath into the Uhlans though.

Khador Turn 3:

Winter Guard got +4 POW and killed my objective. They also jammed the Wrath.

Kayazy killed a bunch of my Bloodtrackers, but the Uhlans didn't charge me or anything.

Alten ran into my zone to control it.

Irusk went into his own zone to dominate it.

I didn't lose much this turn, but I was essentially out of the game already, unless something crazy happened.

Score: 3-0, advantage Khador.

Winter Guard can get +4 POW from Joe! Didn't realize that, lol!

Circle Turn 4:

I had one chance to salvage this abortion of a game: get my Wrath into the enemy zone, survive at least one turn of him punching me, and do enough damage in the ensuing turns that I could eventually pull out a win.

It wasn't very likely, but I felt I may as well try.

Wrath trampled over two Winter Guard and killed him. He then punched ONE Uhlan to death. Mostly because nothing else was in range.

Megalith trampled a few Winter Guard in his path and got into the zone. He used Earth Spikes to kill Alten Ashley. I should have had it kill a Rocket, then use the blast damage from it to try and kill Alten (he's not protected by Solid Ground since he's not friendly faction), but I didn't think of it until after.

Druids and Bloodtrackers got into the zone and punched a few Kayazy.

It wasn't really enough, but it was the best turn I'd had all game.

Score: 3-0, advantage Khador.

Can the Wrath (currently undamaged) survive against the Uhlans and Behemoth?

Khador Turn 4:

If he could kill my Wrath this turn, I was essentially sunk.

Turns out, Behemoth and weapon-master'd Uhlans can kill a fully buffed Wrath, no sweat. Despite a few nice spikes, I think Tom would have had to roll fairly poorly NOT to kill it.

He also cleaned up most of my Bloodtrackers and Druids.

Score: 4-0, advantage Khador.

Circle Turn 5:

I decided to just end the game, but at least pick up a point for my efforts.

I cleared the remaining 4 Winter Guard out of my zone, had Baldur dominate it, and didn't bother to contest Tom's zone (I could have, albeit with a single Druid).

We both scored, and the game ended.

Game Results: Epic fail by Circle Orboros!!

Post-game thoughts:

Well, that game was bad and got worse! Not sure I could have played more poorly than that, to be honest. And the dice rolls that might have given me some hope (i.e. trying and failing to kill Uhlans with the Wrath's gun) also failed. That Megalith lost his spirit and couldn't force was also a huge bummer - I'd have had a good assassination vector. Ah well!

It was also a matter of putting the wrong troops in the wrong places. Bloodtrackers should have fought the Winter Guard. They'd have done great at it, and if they'd rolled up that flank, I'd have been in a position to force Tom into a game of who can contest the other player's zone, similar to The Pit. That's a game that Baldur can win at, and win handily. Sentry Stones could have taken out a bunch of Kayazy if given the chance. Alas :)

That being said, I am also trying to figure out a better Khador pairing. So far (aside from this game), I've lucked out and managed to squeak by. I need a better list against them though.

I'm actually considering ADR with Tanith. I'd still take Baldur in this game, but I'd have Reeves, Alten, and some War Wolves instead of the useless Bloodtrackers and Druids.

That said, I played very poorly, and lost. I still obviously have a TON of room for improvement.

It should be noted that Tom was a great opponent! Glad we got to play :)

Tournament Scene:

Well, the final would be Khador and Convergence.

I didn't much mind who I got paired up with - there were no "easy" options. I think there were 4 players at 1-1, and my two options (the third was my Game 1 opponent) were two of the top players in our meta who had gotten unlucky in earlier games.

I needed to win my next game convincingly for tie breakers. Like, 5-0 convincingly.

Game 3: Circle Orboros vs. Colin's Trollbloods!!

His Lists:

Another victim of all-powerful Tom!

Pairings Debate:

I knew he would take Ragnor, and I knew I would take Baldur. It wasn't difficult - Krueger just doesn't do enough against this many beasts.

>> I dropped Baldur1.

>> Colin dropped Ragnor.

>>> One of us won the dice roll to go first, and I ended up choosing the side with a huge forest.

Pre-game thoughts:

Second tournament in a row where I had to play against Colin in the final game. He's one of the best players in our meta, and this time he had a solid faction and caster behind him (he had Rasheth last time).

I needed to take out his Fire Eaters ASAP - they messed me up BAD last time I played against Ragnor.

Then I could just kind of see what was going to happen. I would need to be wise with my heavies - my two heavies would struggle against his 3 heavies and 3 (really solid) lights. I had the vague impression that my Druids would be helpful, but I wasn't sure yet in what way.

I'll just say it: my head just wasn't in the game this tournament!

Troll Turn 1:

Colin ran up!

He has his Fire Eaters just outside of Bloodtracker threat range.

Circle Turn 1:

I stayed kind of far back. I won't lie: it's always a temptation to shoot something with the Wrath's gun. The fact of the matter is that he should usually run on Turn 1, even if he's in range of something. At least, that's what he should do from a board control perspective.

I kept the Bloodtrackers deep in the forest, safe from the Fire Eaters.

My shooting went okay. I rolled somewhat poorly, and only managed to kill one Fire Eater, but I did do some damage to a couple others. I wasn't really worried.

Wrath did shoot to try and remove another Fire Eater, but it was shield guarded by a Bouncer. I boosted damage, and did some okay damage. Yay?

I'm kind of out of position here...

Trolls Turn 2:

Colin ran his models up again. I'd be a lot happier if I had run the Wrath up, as Colin would have either had to pop his feat this turn or keep a much larger standoff distance with his beasts.

At any rate, he managed to clear one of my Sentry Stones, but not much else.

Positionally, Colin had a vastly superior grasp on the board.

If I had been smart, Megalith could have been in the Shifting Stones and teleported to punch Rok to death. Ah well.

Circle Turn 2:

Colin had backed me into somewhat of a corner. My Wrath wasn't in range to change anything meaningful, but if he did go into the zone, he would get punched (and hard) for no real gain. Popping my feat would do me little good - Rok could still likely reach me even through the feat.

So, I backed up a little bit and decided there were worse things than my opponent going up 3-0 in the next turn.

Incidentally, I did manage to kill all of his Fire Eaters, and even (nearly) killed a Bouncer.

Mauler on the right thought he was scoring. Silly Mauler :)

Trolls Turn 3:

I caught a relatively big break this turn, as BOTH Maulers frenzied with only one focus. One did almost no damage to a Bouncer, the other did about 8 damage to his buddy Mauler.

Colin had Rok charge in and kill my second Sentry Stone and a number of other smaller models in the zone.

Bouncers in the middle combined to kill the objective.

Ragnor got into the zone to dominate it. He then POPPED HIS FEAT (one less damage dice against his models).

He scored 3 this turn.

Score: 3-0, advantage Trolls.

Gah. Going to be a rough game, I can already tell. Luckily, Colin popped his feat before I popped mine.

Circle Turn 3:

I had to get my Wrath into the zone, but ensure that he didn't die immediately to all the counter-punches coming his way. Had to be feat turn.

While I was contemplating how impossible it was to kill his beasts with the feat up, I had a minor revelation: my infantry could still kill his infantry.

Wrath charged in and did almost zero damage despite using all 4 fury. Silly feat :)

Bloodtrackers and Druids combined to kill off a couple of the Krielstone unit. They also knocked the Bouncers and Rok down.

Baldur cowered behind the Wrath and POPPED HIS FEAT. Rok would unfortunately be just barely able to get into the Wrath.

Score: 3-0, advantage Trolls

Toeing in the zone. Rok needed to have Rush instead of Rage to charge the Wrath. That was something at least :)

Trolls Turn 4:

Colin used the Axer to put Rush on Rok.

Rok charged in and missed his charge attack! His other attacks did some work, but it was pretty clearly not enough. The Bouncers also failed to do significant damage.

The two Maulers moved into a screening position on the right flag.

That opened the path for Ragnor to completely surprise me: he ran to the flag on the right and dominated it.


Score: 4-0, advantage Trolls.

Neither of us have really lost much. I lost two Sentry Stones, and he lost his Fire Eaters. That needs to change.

Circle Turn 4:

I was equally impressed and horrified by Colin's run move to the flag on the right. His Bouncers and Maulers were screening me from getting to the flag easily. I'd need to pull something out of my hiney to make it work.

I then realized that the Krielstone was mostly separated from the rest of his unit. I could kill it fairly easily this turn and make my life much easier.

So, Bloodtrackers went up and killed the rest of that unit.

Baldur stayed mostly hidden and put up Druid's Wrath for boosted magic attacks.

Druids went and knocked a bunch of the Trolls down.

Stones teleported Megalith to a spot next to Rok and a Bouncer.

Without the Krielstone, the two beasts proved to be mortal, and he killed both of them. Mind you, the Bouncer was already pretty damaged. I actually think he might have also shot a boosted Earth Spikes into the 2nd (also really damaged) Bouncer and killed it. I don't remember :(

Wrath managed to get both of the Maulers in melee range, and I believe he killed them both. Every punch he did averaged to 10 damage (dice +3). He was also able to get within 4" range of the flag.


In one turn, I killed the Krielstone, 2 Bouncers, 2 Maulers, and Rok. Crazy turn.

I should note that my dice were pretty good here - especially with Megalith. Luck!

Score: 4-0, advantage Trolls.

Trolls Turn 5:

Colin had the opportunity to win the game if he could kill my Wrath. I think the Wrath had roughly 17 boxes, but Colin only had the Axer and Ragnor remaining.

The Axer gave it a good hard try, but couldn't quite finish him off.

Score: 4-0, advantage Trolls.

Circle Turn 5:

Megalith charged in and killed the Axer.

Or maybe it was the Wrath who did that?

Ragnor was left alone and surrounded by heavies.

My infantry finished off the objective, and Baldur hid in the far left corner.

I scored 3 points in one turn, and dominated again in Colin's turn for 5.

I had approximately (no exaggeration) 7 seconds left on my clock.

Game Results: (really lucky!) win for Circle via scenario!

Post-game Thoughts:

I should note that this game may have been a little different at the end than I've represented - I depend on pictures quite a bit to help me reconstruct what I did, and frankly, the game got a little too intense/close for me to bother with pictures at the end.

My play this game was mixed. I had some good moves (Druids and Bloodtrackers did some good work), and some fairly poor moves (not advancing my Wrath farther up on Turn 1). I think I needed to have a more dominant board position in order to make Colin think twice about killing my objective as easily as he did.

I also go somewhat lucky - I don't remember specific instances, but I do remember that there were a few turns that my dice were just amazing. On top of that, Colin had a few instances of rolling really abysmally. Whereas I'm of the opinion that dice weren't THE deciding factor of this game, they certainly played their part. They smoothed out some of the rougher aspects of my play, certainly.

Tournament Results:

Tom (my 2nd round opponent) ended with first place, beating Convergence in the final.

Chris (the Convergence player) got 2nd.

And... I got third!

I received a $10 gift card at Funtastic Games (my entry fee, magically transformed into a gift card, lol!), and a very cool (if less gold-tinted than preferred) pin!

Lots of wasted space in this picture, lol.

Post-Tournament Thoughts:

FIRST OFF, big thanks to all my excellent opponents! I've been very impressed with this meta's group of players. Good at what they do, but also not dicks. It's much appreciated.

So, I played Krueger2 and won against a really tough Abby2 list.

I played Baldur1 into Irusk2 and lost. It was just my 2nd loss ever with Baldur1, believe it or not. I don't lose with Baldur1 often.

I played Baldur1 into Ragnor for a second time (my first being against Jay Larson, and incidentally also my first loss with Baldur1) and barely pulled off a win.

Ironically, my most comfortable game this tournament was with Krueger2.

I'll say it again: I just didn't play very well this tournament. Nothing felt off about it, but doing these battle reports, I see a lot more "duh" mistakes than I feel like I normally make.

Scenario play is usually my forte, but lately I've had to come from WAY behind to win. It's a consistent theme. You'll see in my future reports that that's true. It's not a good place to be.

So, I'm going to focus on my early game play. Late game I've seemed to do alright, but early game I've struggled.

As for lists, I'll probably hold off on Krueger2 for a little bit. Once I can buy a Celestial Fulcrum for him, I'll break him out again. Wyrd and Shrimp are all well and good, but I want to see what the Fulcrum can do with him.

Baldur1 will likely not change much, list-wise. I AM planning on working on a Baldur1/Tanith ADR pairing for my next tournament. I want to try Reeves with Baldur1, so hopefully I can find some Scarsfell Griffons for cheap somewhere to make Tanith's ADR better too :)

The next report:

Next report up will be my Tacticon report. 4 Games, with my pairing of Baldur1 and Baldur2. We can explore together whether or not I continue my sloppy initial stages of gameplay or not. Should be fun!

See you all later, hope you enjoyed the report!

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