Friday, March 28, 2014

Pondering Re-jumping into Fantasy and my Dark Elves...

What's up, folks!

Lately, I've been a little disheartened by the state of 40k. This is not really a new development - many people are tired of the way GW has handled 40k. And, while I still enjoy 40k, I'm pretty sick of needing to play one of the few viable codices/builds in order to do well. And, not to brag, but I don't really have anything to prove. I've made the top bracket in almost every major tournament I've attended in the last year and a half (which is like, 5).

My ego can afford to take a break for a while.

So, I have a number of things I want to accomplish in the hobby. One of them just happens to be jumping back into Fantasy!

I won't try to convince anyone into loving Fantasy, or attempt to argue that it's a truly competitive game. I believe that it is at least minimally competitive, but I also realize that there are serious flaws with this edition, and that it doesn't appeal to everyone.

On the other hand, Fantasy has always been fun for me to play, and (while I don't know what I'm doing half the time) I've generally had good results.

I play Dark Elves!

At any rate, since my motivation to play most wargames is motivated by my competitive nature, I have been looking into jumping back into Fantasy and trying my luck at a few tournaments.

Too bad 'Ard Boyz doesn't still exist - it made me angry lots of times, but also ensured that I got at least 3-6 games in every year.

Here's a picture from the semi-finals at 'Ard Boyz one year. Unpainted Beastmen - ugh.

The nature of Fantasy has remained the same, and many people agree that the new Dark Elves are essentially the same as always, with a few major boosts.

I personally disagree -

  • They (justifiably) nerfed the Hydra, but instead of making it reasonable, they made it suck. Really, Hydras are just awful now. Maybe you can make them work, but if you don't believe me, note that they put Hydras in the Special slot now - people can take 3! Used to be everyone did take 2 - now nobody takes ANY.
  • They nerfed the Sacrificial Dagger, making it only work about 1/2 the time.
  • They nerfed the Dreadlord - he is no longer unkillable, and neither can he really kill lots of stuff. No longer worth it.
  • Cold One Chariots do the same stuff, but they cost 15 points more
  • Warriors/Spearmen do mostly the same stuff, but they cost 1 point more (but they did get better)
  • Crossbowmen do the exact same stuff, but they cost 2 points more
  • Black Guard did not get much better (ASF is nice, but not necessary) and are 2 points more expensive each, AND they took away my 25 point AP Banner :-/
  • BIGGEST CHANGE: they made the Cauldron of Blood super different. I won't go so far as to say it sucks now, but the fact that it goes in a unit and has Frenzy means that a good player can really mess with you, due to taking advantage of your frenzied state. It no longer works the awesome way it used to.
And, while I agree that there are some very potent choices, the fact remains that my entire army list has changed in a very significant way.

Skaven are rough, lol

Gone are the days that I could buff whatever units I wanted with the Cauldron while killing Dark Elf Spearmen with impunity with my Sorceress while Hydras ran interference.

Really, what they nerfed was the Dark Elves' resilience.

In exchange, they made them even more into glass cannons.

What's more, is they made many of our best assets uncontrollable with Frenzy.

A (very) rare picture of an unpainted model in this guy's army. He's an excellent painter, and only 'Ard Boyz could force him to use unpainted models.

So, what am I to do? I have a ton of models that look pretty good (if I do say so myself) but are for the most part useless to me.

I essentially have to start over. So, what do I want to try out in the new book? What values should I embrace?

Mostly, I just want to have a Take All Comers (TAC) army. Gone are the days I can rely on Hydras to do my heavy lifting. Same with buffs from the Cauldron.

Instead, I have the play the game like everyone else now. At least, sort of.

Really, my goal is to threaten everything out there. I need to maximize my damage output.

I also really really want to stay away from "the" Dark Elf build of 30x Witch Elves + Cauldron for 750+ points. While it kills infantry pretty well, it can also just be led around by the nose. Not looking for a list like that. Is it even very hard to kill?

... not really. Not for about 1/3 of the armies out there.

Chariots charging Bretonians! This guy got SO LUCKY in this game. Like, stupidly lucky. Those chariots should have killed that whole block of horsies and won the game immediately for me. hahaha what a whiner I am :-p

Here's the list I've been thinking of:

2400 Dark Elves

Supreme Sorceress w/ Level 4 upgrade, Sacrificial Dagger, 4+ Ward, General (goes with Spears), Lore of Shadow

Master on a Pegasus w/ Lance, 1+ armor save, Twilight Cloak (3++ Ward vs. shooting and magic)
Master on a Horse w/ BSB, 1+ armor save, re-roll armor save wargear, +1S sword (goes with Warlocks)

30x Dreadspears w/ Musician, Banner of Flaming something or other
5x Dark Riders w/ Shield, Crossbow, Musician
5x Dark Riders w/ Shield, Crossbow, Musician
5x Dark Riders w/ Shield, Crossbow, Musician

14x Executioners w/ Musician, Banner
14x Executioners w/ Musician, Banner
5x Cold One Knights
Rail Bolt Thrower
Rail Bolt Thrower
Rail Bolt Thrower
Rail Bolt Thrower

5x Warlocks
Bloodwrack Shrine

The idea is to have the Shrine in with the Spears to force the Sorceress into the 2nd rank (and therefore not be killable). They also have the flaming standard, so the Medusa can shoot stuff. Yes, yes, she's frenzied. Not really planning on getting into battle with this block much, but when I do, it'll pack a punch w/ Okham's Mindrazor and the ability to hold while my other units hit flanks. The Shrine will also give my General Leadership 10, which is helpful.

Meanwhile, the Dark Riders and Pegasus Master go and kill warmachines/harass the enemy, and the Warlocks supply ward saves to my BSB, who will kill lots of stuff

Executioners go kill everything they touch, then die. Same with Cold Ones.

Really, it's just MSU.


Why don't you play Fantasy? Go do it!

I'll have more stuff up eventually. Otherwise, keep an eye out for my Adepticon 40k batreps, and wish me luck!

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