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Frostycon 2014 Results

By Aaron Aleong aka Spaguatyrine

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Hello Delusions of Grandeur readers.  I am Aaron Aleong aka Spaguatyrine.  I am a new contributor to the great blog known as Delusions of Grandeur.  This first post I am writing is to show the results of Frostycon. A 32 man 40k event that I organized this past weekend.  I owe the results to the participants and wanted to get the data out as soon as possible. 

I will make a hello "I am" post later this week.  

Frostycon is the first tournament in a series of 4 events based in the central Indiana area called The Indiana Tournament Circuit. 

This is the trophy for the tournament series that has 4 sides for four tournaments.

The Indy Open Grand Tournament
The Indiana 40k Championships

The Indy Open Website

Now to the results from Torrent of Fire.  This was my first time as an organizer using TOF and it was amazing!!  I highly suggest using it for your event.

Congrats to my head rules judge Justin Curtis for his first big tournament win over the famed Pajama Pants Alan Bajramovic.  It was an epic game of bad luck, good luck, chaos god luck. 

Also congrats to Joshua Taylor for getting best overall in his first tournament.

11W-W-W-W-WJustin CurtisIllinoisChaos Daemons7301
12W-W-W-W-LAlan BajramovicIllinoisChicago KamikazeEldarDark Eldar7000
13W-W-W-L-FMichael SchusterTau EmpireEldar4601
14W-W-W-L-FSteve CarpenterIndianaNecrons4500
15W-W-L-W-FBroderick GainesIndianaGrey Knights4000
16W-W-L-W-FIsaac PayneIndianaTau EmpireEldar3401
17W-L-W-W-FJoshua TaylorAustinChaos Daemons5500
18W-L-W-W-FDustin SandersIndianaEldar4700
19W-L-W-W-FScott KennedyChaos Daemons3601
110L-W-W-W-FBen OzbourneIndianaSpace MarinesSpace Wolves4800
111L-W-W-W-FAustin BrownIndianaAustinSpace MarinesTau Empire4800
112W-W-L-L-FChristopher BowmanSpace Marines2202
113W-W-L-L-FNorman ChanIllinoisAlanEldarTau Empire2200
114W-W-L-L-FNik MeijerIndianaTau EmpireSpace Marines2100
115W-L-W-L-FChris LacrossIndianaImperial Guard3700
116W-L-W-L-FMarc FergusonIndianaEldar3602
117W-L-L-W-FJohn BruerEldar4001
118W-L-L-W-FNick LavelleIndianaChaos Daemons1300
119L-W-W-L-FMichael CogswellaustinEldar5100
120L-W-W-L-FCharles TueyChaos Daemons3901
121L-W-L-W-FAustin PillowIndianaChaos Daemons2700
122L-L-W-W-FBryan LergIndianaDark Angels3700
123L-L-W-W-FMatt SmithIndianaMatt and TedOrks2500
124L-L-W-W-FKen LeicheraGrey Knights1400
125W-L-L-L-FTed CrawfordIndianaMatt and TedChaos Space Marines2300
126L-W-L-L-FKevin KucharskiChaos Daemons2501
127L-W-L-L-FJustin SanfordSisters of BattleInquisition1601
128L-W-L-L-FCheryl KucharskiTyranids 6e1101
129L-L-W-L-FLance NewtonSpace Marines2000
130L-L-L-W-FCurt MilesIndianaTyranids3500
131L-L-L-W-FEddie DraperIndianaOrks1800
132L-L-L-L-FJohn LayIndianaSisters of BattleInquisition1700
133L-L-L-L-FScott GriffenIndianaNecrons1000
134L-L-L-L-FHunter MillerIndiana Eldar700
What is interesting is that there were just as many Chaos Players than eldar players.  Here is a breakdown of how many games of each primary army there were.  As you can see chaos deamons and eldar dominated the scoring.  Space Marines coming in third. More information you can get from Torrent of Fire. 
Primary Army
Chaos Daemons2617902384
Space Marines159601382
Tau Empire128401012
Grey Knights8530540
Dark Angels4220370
Imperial Guard4220370
Sisters of Battle8170331
Tyranids 6e4130111
Chaos Space Marines4130230
This was a great event! I thank all of the players that came out and played with us.  We will continue on to round 2 of the Indiana tournament circuit with TIPPCON  in May.  Don't forget to check out the rest of the Indiana tournament circuit here.

I am very excited to be part of the team with Xaereth!!! 

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