Monday, April 30, 2012

Back From Adepticon!

Well folks, I'm back from Adepticon, after what seems like aeons of inactivity with 40k.  I had a blast, and I figure I'll just give a brief recap on the tournament, and dive into my new army project :-p

(that's right, I finally have motivation to actually play some 5th edition again, and therefore rejoin the 40k community! lol)

So, Adepticon started out with the standard 1000-mile roadtrip through Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois with my buddy Angry Richard (who won Players Choice in the 40k championships, woot!).

We got there safe and all, but were pretty exhausted.  The next day, I played in the 40k Championships (brought my Wolfstar), where I ended up going 3-1, beating three deathstar armies (Wolfstar, Pallystar, and... Abbadon + BerzerkersinaLandRaiderStar?) and losing to Dark Angels, somehow.  Not a terrible showing, and I even got two votes for 'favorite opponent'!  Thanks to whoever voted for me, not sure who it was actually.

All my games were fairly laid back.  The third one (the one I lost) was a little strange, cuz the guy only used my dice.  I offered to give him a cube of dice to use, and he declined, and proceeded to roll my dice the rest of the game (as he did to all of his opponents, I later found out).  Lots of other weird stuff that game, but I won't go into it, cuz it'll probably sound like complaining, which it isn't really.  Really nice guy, just... threw me off a little.  Not enough to give me an excuse to lose though, I did that all by myself, making a single big mistake that let him kill my Wolfstar really quick.  My own dice betrayed me (twice that game! haha)

I ended up with 32nd overall, which was alright.  Not my favorite placement, but I'll take it in a tournament that enormous!

Next up was the Team Tournament, and our team ended up doing pretty well! Through a slew of draws and wins, we were able to somehow get within striking distance of the big table, and had we gotten most of our points in the final round, I think we had a good shot at winning at least something.  As it was, we got massacred on one table (my fault, actually - I apparently don't know how to use a Land Raider against Necrons somehow? haha fail) and got a minor win in the other game.  We didn't end up getting an award (though we were hopeful for best 'Black Library' theme, but fell short there as well) but ended up in 12th(ish?) place out of 116 teams. Not bad for a thrown-together last-minute team!

Well, my computer is being weird right now, so I suppose I'll continue again some other time soon. 

Thanks for reading, I'll have more/better content up soon.  Thing is, I'm active on my blog when I'm active in the hobby, and I'm actually going to be active now!  New army in the works, gotta get it painted in a month!  9 vehicles + 40 troop models is gonna be a steep order.  Books on tape for the win!

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