Saturday, February 18, 2012

Offseason is Over

Time to Roll the Dice

 Well guys (and girl(s)), I'm back, more or less at least.  After about 3 months of not playing the game at all, the Tournament Season kicks off tomorrow (today, by the time this goes up) with a bang at Genghis Con, a couple short weeks before the first major tournament of year.  A little more info after the

I've been super busy applying for Law School.  Also,
So, I took a break for a little bit.  Sorry 'bout that, I appreciate all the concerned emails (like, 3 total lol) wondering where I went.  I kind of went into a funk about 40k, not because I wasn't doing as well as I've done in other, more distant days, but more because well... 6th edition is around the corner.  It's hard for me to pay attention to a game that is essentially dead.  As much fun as it is right now in 5th edition, 6th will change everything.  6th is the future, and it's hard for me to care about a game that will soon be entirely irrelevant.

But, I still care.  I just don't feel as motivated about being active about it.  Why start a new army?  All the rules will change soon anyways, and render things sucky.  I wanted a new cool army, but, well... I can wait until 6th.

Enough introspection, I'm sure you're all super bored by now (like anyone even checks this dinosaur anymore).  Genghis is coming up, and I've decided to take the WolfStar.  It's out of retirement, apparently, once again. 

To clarify, I'm not really taking the army because it's super win - those days kind of ended with the advent of Dark Eldar and Grey Knights.  Instead, I'm taking the army because :
Been watching the Nuggets fail lots lately. 

1) It's small - I haven't played for 3 months, so the possibility of me taking at less than break-neck speeds is overwhelming.  I need to go as quick as I can if I want to finish my games.
2) It's super fun - Honestly, this is my favorite army I've had.  Best experiences with it.  Not my best painted (Dark Eldar for that), but decent paint job, and enough killy to threaten any list out there, even the ones that auto-win against it.

I'm sure you can find the list somewhere else on this blog.  I've only had half a million posts about it.

Stay tuned, it's just an RTT, though an RTT with like 60+ people attending.

Been playing some Ultima Online too.  Pure win.
After that, it's time for the Indy Open on March 2nd.  Spags is trying to pass me off as a celeb, though I haven't really played the part, especially in the past few months.

More later, I'll try to post some pictures and stuff while the event is going on.  Probably fail though, haha.

Who's ready for the WolfStar to once again demonstrate its dominance?

hehe, whatever.  Laters.

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