Monday, October 4, 2010

Scheming for Miniatures

This post I'm going to talk about what's currently going on in my 'Warhammer Life' lol.  Lots of plans, very very little time.  Pretty excited about some of it, though.

Well, I've decided to start whoring out my plasma in exchange for like $55/week.  Why, you ask?  Because, I'm essentially out of money for this stupid expensive hobby, and $55/week is actually not too bad if you use all of the money you get for Wargames.  Here are a few things I'm thinking of grabbing:

-A new huge battlefoam case, that is able to hold my Dark Elves (fantasy), Circle of Orboros (Warmachine), upcoming Orks, and *maybe* my upcoming Dark Eldar (who knows how much space I'll need, I haven't seen the codex yet)
-A new Ork Army.  I did the math, and the army total is like $500, not counting conversions, display board, painting supplies, etc.
-A new Dark Eldar Army.  I'm not sure when this is going to happen, but I hope it's real real soon.  This is the single other codex besides Blood Angels that I've always been *stoked out of my mind* for it to come out, and I'm rather excited.
-->The most important thing to me though:  going to 'big' tournaments.  I figure if I do it right, and travel with friends, I can hit about 5 or 6 big tournaments this summer.  Here are the ones I'd like to go to:

1) Genghis Con (February 2011)- It's a local tournament, but they say it's going to be 5 games.  It'll have around 60 players, so it should be interesting to see how I can do.  It's enough games that if I don't *max* every mission I play, I still might be able to place.
2) Yeti Con (Late June? 2011- Tournament in Salt Lake City, which is about a 6-7 hour drive for me, put on by YTTH.  lol, I hope it's not miserable.
3) BoLS/WargamesCON (Late July? 2011)- I've been there for 2 years running, and had a good time.  This years results were pretty good, but I want to win the stupid thing this time, lol.
4) Nova Open/Con (Late August? 2011)- lol, I've heard it's going to be a full con this year.  After all the great reviews it got this year, I'll be happy to go.  This is probably my 2nd priority, since Adepticon is already a sure thing.
5) Adepticon (April 2011)- I'm for sure going to this one, our Orks are starting to finally take form.  I've got the lists basically figured out, and we're starting on the 4000 points of Ork vehicles, Boyz, and Display Boards.  Also of note though, I'm excited by their new 'Championship' format.  I'm not sure if I agree with everything they're doing (well, I am sure, and I don't), but it's a far better format than it was last year, no doubt.
6) Vegas (June/July 2011)- I'm really not sure on this one.  I've gotten the Fantasy Golden Ticket, and was told at a big tournament last year that I qualified for the 40k one as well, but whereas I've gotten confirmation from GW that I qualified in Fantasy, I haven't heard a single thing about the 40k.  I'll have another shot at it this Adepticon, at least.  Anyways, seeing how GW is planning on running their new tournaments, it looks pretty damn lame.  This is for sure the last priority for me, especially if I can only go to the Fantasy one.


Besides all the money generated by my fluids, I guess not much else is going on.  I've been painting frantically on my Fantasy guys, but with the new techniques I've been learning, even painting at a frantic pace means I get about one guy done every hour/hour and a half.  In fantasy, that's a lot of hours- I'm looking at another 50 infantry models at least, and want to redo the Hydras and Cauldron of Blood as well.

I might take a break from them and try to finish up my Salamanders- I want them to be finished already, I've been working on them forever, and I only really need like 17 more models and a tank to finish them.

I also need to finish my Blood Angels.  Only like 15 more models for them, and 2 or 3 Razors, and they'll be tournament-ready.

And, that's all an aside to painting 2000 points of Orks by Adepticon as well as whatever Dark Eldar I choose to play.


Sometimes it seems like I'm trying to do too much, but you gotta do what you love.  I'm hoping it'll all slow down once this summer ends.  Then again, Grey Knights and Necrons should be out by then, and if the rumors are true and the Assassins are as badass as they're reported to be...

What's going on in your wargaming life?  Any tournaments you're going to?  What about armies you're starting?  I'm interested!


Kyle said...

Quickly on the plasma thing, I would really recommend doing two weeks on one week off. I tried to do it for a while to cover bills, and it take a lot more out of you than you'd think. Eat veggie friendly and avoid any fat heavy foods at least 24 hours before you donate and you'll be out of there in 45 minutes every time. Admittedly I got a lot of homework done sitting in those chairs.

And don't forget the Heresy in Mid July this year.

zac said...

If you really wanna get some money for fluids there is a sperm clinic in Loveland that will pay $400 for quality swimmers from a tall white guy and you can donate once a week.

As for me I'm about to kick it into all dark eldar all the time. These are going to be my last few months on scholarship so I will be saving to just drop loads of cash on Dark Eldar, I really need to see the complete rule before I decide what type of army I'm doing.

Xaereth said...

Kyle: Heh, I guess I'll see how much it takes out of me. Right now I'm training for a half-ironman so I'm doing like 1.5-2 hours of cardo a day anyways. It might really mess with me, we'll see what happens.

Zac: Thanks for letting me know, I wish the wifey would let me. I don't have any moral qualms about it personally but she's pretty... particular about it. $400 bucks/week is amazing! That's like... a new army every week and a half lol.

Kyle said...

I had to quit because I started running seriously again, I would be leery of combining iron man training and donating, but you seem to have a pretty good lock on it.

Also this thread just hit freaking hilarious power eleven for me. Class may never be the same.