Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back from Adepticon: Part 2

Here's the part where I talk about Adepticon in general, and what I thought was good or bad.  There were a lot of both, in my mind.  Keep in mind that I don't really have a TON of other 'enormous' tournaments to compare this to, only BoLSCON really.  Still, I've been to a countless number of other tournaments, and have a great grasp on what *I* like and don't like.  So, I'll try to explain my thoughts in a coherent manner.

The Good

1)  The tournaments were well-run.  The rounds started (roughly) when they were supposed to, and for the huge number of people in attendance, that's no small feat.  As far as I understand it, the judges were all fair and quick about their decisions.  A huge clock in the back of the room told everyone how much time was left.  The scenarios for the team tournament were a lot of fun, and you could tell they put some time into them.  The other two tournaments... not as much.  Pretty standard.

2)  The hotel rocked.  It was huge, nice, had just enough room for everyone.  They offered food there, which though it was a LITTLE overpriced, it was convenient, and fast.  The pool was really nice as well.

3)  Everyone was friendly.  I didn't really meet anyone I disliked.  There were lots of friendly people there who stunk, but you'll get that at any nerd con.

Those were the main ones.  It was awesome to see so many gamers congregated under one roof, with awesome painted armies.  Quite the experience, for someone who hasn't been there yet.

The Reasons this Con isn't for me

1)  Too few games.  For the amount of people in attendance, there are just too few games to really have any real chance of winning any of the events.  You have to max every battle point, AND have great sports and painting scores to win.  There's just not a realistic chance of the 'best player' winning.  I clearly wasn't the best player this weekend, but had I been, I think I still would have ended up losing, since my painting scores weren't bad, but certainly not 'the best'.  I would LOVE it if they switched the championships to a 5 or 7 game GT.  That would be best, if you ask me.

2)  Too little prize support.  I hated how in tournaments with 400+ players, 120+ players, and 60+ players, they only really gave 4 awards:  best painting, sports, general, and overall.  The prizes weren't even that good.  If you win, it's prestigious and all, but it's seriously pretty anticlimatic.  At BoLSCON, the winner walked away with more loot than he could carry, littlerally.  There were also prizes for 2nd overall, 2nd general, 3rd general, etc.  Prizes for a TON of different things.  I'm not sure how much it costs for them to run adepticon, but it just seemed kinda tacky to have a 3-game tournament where if you came just a LITTLE short of not maxing EVERYTHING and still got 2nd in something, you still didn't get any sort of prize support, or recognition.

3)  Lost stuff.  I lost a few things in the bustle of gaming that I'm pretty sad about- a Nalgene water bottle, and 2 flamers.  Nobody turned them in as 'missing', they just kept them apparently.  I realize it's my fault for losing those things, I just wish people would actually return them when they found them.  I would have...

It's a cool place, but really the only reason I'd go again was if I thought I stood a real shot at winning some prize at the team tournament.  The team tournament was really cool, and should stay nearly the same.  Like I keep saying, more games is always better.

One other thing I wanted to touch on, and will probably post more about later:  Imperial Guard.  Dear God there were a ton of Imp Guard players there (lots of people who counted said they accounted for 1/3 of the armies at Adepticon), all rocking Vendettas, Chimera spam, and Veterans.  It sort of made me sick how similar my list was to everyone elses.  Every time I had to play against an Imp Guard list, a little part of me died inside.  It's just not fun, having to deal with all that armor and then after you've killed their tank, the guys inside are so cheap but still rock your world.  Very disheartening.

And so, I've decided to do the world a favor:  no more Guard for a while.  I'm so tired of them, and so tired of the way they make me feel when I'm paired against them, that I've decided my personal ethics won't allow me to steal the fun of others in this way.  Instead, every army I play is going to be tooled to be the bane of specifically Imperial Guard FIRST, and other armies second.  Not that there are a TON of things you can do against a really great guard army, but I'll certainly try.  First attempt at it:  Blood Angels.

Stay tuned to see how it goes!  Alright, I'm out.  Tell me what you think of the tournament overall!  I welcome comments!

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