Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In preparation

Well, I'm only going to talk a little bit tonight, first about Warhammer, then Warmachine.

What can I really say? I haven't really been playing a TON of 40k, and the times I've played have been far less than hardcore. I'm hoping I haven't lost my 'touch' at the game, but I'm not TOO worried. I've been playing around with my guard and salamanders, making tweaks to both lists. Here are a few things I've noticed:


-Straken LOOKS awesome, but I've found that once you finally have him in a position to actually get into combat, the game is usually lost. He doesn't do enough damage fast enough to get the job done. Granted, if you're running Rough Riders, you BETTER be running Straken.
-Hydras ROCK. They've been my MVP almost every single game. That many shots combined with the fact that they're too hard to get to, make them get their points in every game. In the future, if I have enough money and models, I'm adding another 2 in 1850, for a total of 5. They're just too good to ignore.
-Flamer special weapons squads are... alright. For 50 points, you have the ability to kill something, but most of the time, you're wasting your 3rd flamer. Plus, I usually just have them hang out and footslog, doing nothing but get in the way the rest of the game. 2/3 flamers still do alright, but to be honest, I'd prefer to be able to shoot my Vendetta's 3 Las Cannons instead.


-5 speeders is just too much. 5 speeders die very quickly in the game, and don't really have the punch I want. Their reliance on the Drop Pod's locator beacon is kinda dumb as well, since if someone charges the poor Drop Pod, it's dead, and I have to roll scatter for my too-vulnerable speeders. I'm dropping 2 and adding 2 attack bikes
-2 Attack Bikes might be one of the best thing in any marine codex. 3+ cover save with T5 makes them very hard to kill, and SCREWS Land Raiders. I don't know how many Raiders I've dominated with my Blood Angels' Attack Bikes. So, I'm adding 2.
-Instead of running 3 Dreads, it's down to 2, with me adding a 3rd Tactical squad in a Drop Pod. Three Dreads is cool, but it really isn't super effective, and the 3rd tactical can make someone's life pretty annoying, to be honest. Now I just have to paint another 10 marines, lol...

Overall, the tweaks seem to be farther and fewer between. I think that whatever army I take for Ghengis, I'll stand a reasonable chance to do well. Maybe I'll actually place this time. Undefeated 3 ghenghis/tacticons in a row, and I've never placed. Best I've gotten is 3rd overall. Blah.

In Warmachine news, it's almost time for our first league 'finale'. I have to turn my army in to be judged for painting tomorrow, and the point limits are going up to 40. I'm not FOR SURE on my list for the next round, only that the Gnarlhorn is going in. The feisty goat is gonna have fun slamming. The only other real truth I have about my list is that the Tharn Bloodtrackers, who I've spent 25+ hours painting on thus far, have been awful and will be benched. For who, we will just have to see.

I'm happy to report that I'm (barely) leading the league right now (after somehow winning BOTH of my assigned games, and having an overall 8-2 record). If I somehow end up winning the league, I'll be a happy lad, and I'll get a free warbeast. Not sure what I want thus far- the feral is awesome, but it might be more fun to go with a Megalith or Shadowhorn Satyr. We'll see.

Well, that's it. Maybe someday I'll stop painting my armies and actually blog here more often. I forsee that happening somewhat soon actually, as all three armies are NEARLY finished. So anyways, I'll talk later. Peace out.

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