Sunday, July 24, 2016

Warmachine Batrep 40: Baldur1 and Wurmwood at Rocky Mountain Rumble Day 2

Day 2!
Howdy all,

This is Day 2 of Rocky Mountain Rumble. Here's the link to Day 1. 

So, I'm here on Day 2. Me, and 7 other players who are all probably way better than me. Here is the breakdown of armies present:

3x Khador
2x Trollbloods (Jay Larson is one of them)
1x Circle (me)
1x Menoth
1x Skorne

I was actually excited by this development. I was pretty familiar with all of the factions other than Menoth. Whereas I didn't have a ton of MK3 experience against each of these factions, I at least wouldn't be super surprised by what each faction can do.

My goal yesterday was to make it to the top 8. I succeeded.

And like the other top 8, I had a chance to win the whole thing. That was of course my goal, but I was also prepared to lose all three of my games. I just wanted some good games against some good players!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Warmachine Batrep 39: Baldur1 and Wurmwood at Rocky Mountain Rumble Day 1

Howdy all! I recently went to a Warmachine Weekend (WMW) Qualifier in Denver, CO. I took Circle (it's my only faction), was very excited to have such a big tournament in my own backyard! I've had a little bit of early success in this new MK3 universe so far, despite my faction changing somewhat dramatically. I was excited to see how I could do!

Here's the format: it was a Master's event, with 64 slots (in reality, "only" 50-some players showed up).

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Warmachine Batrep 38: Circle Wurmwood vs. Haley1 & Madrak2

Image result for trolls
Howdy all! I've got a couple more reports for you, in preparation for the Rocky Mountain Rumble coming up this weekend. It's a 6-game WMW qualifier, and I'd like to have a good showing.

My pairing is Baldur1 and Wurmwood. My Baldur1 list hasn't changed (go read other reports on this blog for more information), but my take on Wurmwood continues to evolve. I'm really enjoying this list so far. Let's see how it goes.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Warmachine Batrep 37: Circle Wurmwood vs. Retribution Garryth

Image result for Retribution
Sorry, not a trilogy today :-/
Howdy folks! Another battle report for you today. I was kind of hoping to have other games to report on besides this one, but I've had less time for gaming due to the multitude of wonderful summer activities available to someone who lives in Colorado.

At any rate, after my frustration with Krueger2 in the last Steamroller, I've decided to shelf him at least temporarily, and get in on the new hotness that is Wurmwood. I've already had a few games with him in the new edition, but something didn't really feel right about my lists.

This new list is a departure from the old lists in a big way. The past lists were more designed to pop the feat and get into position to alpha strike with melee.

The new list is designed to punch a little bit from range, then pop feat, and still position for a solid melee alpha strike in the next turn.

Fair warning: I was fairly awkward in my model interactions this game. Figuring out spacing and how I want various models to interact isn't immediately intuitive to me - I need to practice in order to get all that right (as do most people). I did end the game really liking my list, despite the awkwardness.

Let's see how it went!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Warmachine Batrep 36: Baldur1 and Krueger2 in a Steamroller!

Image result for steamroller 2016

Howdy all,
Last weekend I went to my first tournament in about 1.7 years (if you haven't been following along, I had to stop playing war games for about 1.6 years due to LIFE). I was pretty excited - I've always been a tournament player at heart. Warmachine is a great game for tournament-minded players, and whereas I'd only played about 15 or so games since I'd restarted playing, I felt I had a chance to do okay at least.

When all players were finally registered, it turned out the field was rather large - 22 total players for a local steamroller is rather a lot! My goals for this particular tournament was to win (that's always my goal, lol), but I would be happy to just have a good showing. I hadn't been particularly disciplined about using a clock in my games up until the tournament, and I felt there was every chance I'd just get clobbered by a lot of better players/lists.

Here are the lists I brought: