Monday, April 1, 2013

Does anyone still post about list design? Also, Adepticon

Well guys, only a short one today, since I'm just finally starting to poke my head in on the competitive (or any kind of) 40k scene again.

All the blogs I used to follow seem to mostly be dead, with very little talk of list design. I want to know what's been awesome lately, though I can't seem to find anything other than the occasional Goatboy chaos monster list. lol, much as I hate the guy, even Stelek stopped posting.

Wish I could post more content myself, I've been loving 6th, honestly. Grad school is a little more than a year  from completion, then maybe I'll get a job, or just enroll for another masters program (haha... but seriously).

Anyways, expect some sort of Adepticon writeup by the end of April, I'll be competing in a double-header, with the 40k Championships and the Fantasy Championships coming up, and intend to take pictures with my mostly out-of-date camera.

Seriously, link me to the blogs that have batreps and tactics/list articles, I want to see what's up!