Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zero blogging does not inactivity indicate

Lol tried to post this about a week ago. Blogger failed to post it apparently. Lame.

Hey folks, figured I'd give a (very) brief update. I'm still working on my new (and suddenly mysterious) army. What I originally thought would be a three-week project has unexpectedly become a two-week one, due to my sister's generous graduation gift of plane tickets for myself and the wifey to visit her in sunni(er) California for a week leading up to the Bugeater. Anyways, I'm committed right now to two tournaments in June: Bugeater in Omaha and WarBOLSCon in Austin. We shall see if I can scrounge enough money to go to the Nova again - it kind of hinges on if I can get an invitaional seat again to make it worth the enormous amount of money I'd have to shell out again.

Speaking of which - anyone going who has a floor space open? I'll happily pitch in for hotel fees, etc.

On that note, I'm headed off to paint some more. Nearly all done with infantry, now gotta focus on vehicles.
(Which means I'm not taking nids, :-o )

I'll have a little more time to post once the army is done, and I intend on taking pictures and doing batreps for both tournaments. Just... No real point in blogging when there are things that need done so I can actually play, right? :-)

Seriously though, super excited for Bugeater, last year was excellent, and looks like they've made some great adjustments for this year. Maybe I'll get a chance to throw down with Hulksmash this time instead of both of us getting owned by double lash, HAHA.

K, laters.