Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Game w/ Dark Eldar (thoughts, not battle report)

Hey there folks!  Last night I played my first game with my Dark Eldar.  It was fun, there was a lot of stuff I learned, lots of new thoughts about the army.  I'll share a couple with you today. 

First, here's the list I used:

Friday, May 27, 2011

'Ard Boyz Fantasy Semi-Finals Battle Report- Lots of Pictures!

Heh, the mascot to my army.  I don't have the base for him, and he's since I took this picture, he's shattered into a thousand pieces.  He's not actually even mine, don't worry- I didn't paint him or anything.

Hey there folks, how's it going today?  Good, I hope!  Today, I've got a tournament report, from my attendance at the Semi's for Fantasy 'Ard Boyz!  It was fun, and I wanted to see what good I could do- lots of ridiculous lists at the 3000 point level, and I wasn't disappointed!  There were, I think, either 9 or 11 players who showed up from all over the state, and I was pretty sure I would just fold, due to my lethargic, apathetic approach to Fantasy, since it isn't my 'main' game.  Guess you'll get an opportunity to see if it actually worked out that way :)

I hadn't played since the Prelims, more than a month ago.

Um, before we get too far, here's the link to the Prelims battle report.

And here's a recap of my previous Fantasy 'Ard Boyz appearances:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solid but cheap, camera?

Hey there folks, hows it going?  Today is yet another short one.  It's a question:  what's a good hobby camera that I can get, for about $100?  I don't want to do anything too crazy with it- just take *fast* Battle Report pictures, and some decent WIP pictures that don't go all dim and weird when I don't use the flash.

I have my eye on this one, but I'm sure someone else has a better idea of what to buy than I have.  Give me links, I want to buy the thing soon!

Coming tomorrow:  'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals Battle Report!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Wracks, Grotesques, and Haemonculi Pictures!

Yeah, I know these aren't the models I mentioned, but I still think they look awesome.  Shame I will probably never use one.

Hey folks, looks like the new models for Wracks, Grotesques, and Haemonculi are finished and about to be released.  Lots of whining over 'un-dynamic' models, but I actually like them all.  See what you think!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Update to my Gaming Life

So, update time today I guess, since y'all are dying to know what I've been up to, right?


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nova Open Lodging?

Hey there folks, how's it going?  As you may or may not know, I'll be going to the Nova Open this year.  My friend, who was planning on going with me, has suddenly gotten accepted to Law School, and is therefore forced to go to a 'mandatory orientation', which sucks (for both of us, lol).

What this means for me is that I suddenly lack a roommate for the Con, and would much rather split the costs of a hotel room with someone else (or multiple people).

As such, I'm asking if anyone wants someone extra in their room, who is:

  • Clean
  • Doesn't Snore
  • Willing to sleep on the floor, provided I get a pillow and blanket
  • Not a creeper :-p
If you're interested, post here or email me.  My email is on the right hand side of this blog.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gearing up for Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals


 Hey there folks!  Tomorrow is the Semi-Finals for Fantasy 'Ard Boyz.  I qualified for the Semi's with my somewhat soft Dark Elves (here's the link to that battle report, such as it is), and will hopefully be able to almost compete this time.  I heard there's like 15 people coming down from all over in Colorado, though I'm guessing that's a little bit exaggerated.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Min Wracks vs. Min Warriors

 Hey there folks, hows it going today?  In an attempt to tweak my list as thoroughly as possible, I've been playing around with my Dark Eldar numbers quite a bit.  I like my supporting elements quite a bit- here's what I've got (remember, supporting elements):

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dark Eldar Content?

lol, this picture isn't really relevant to the subject matter.  It's awesome though.

So, today I've decided to comment on the lack of any real Dark Eldar content out there on the internets.  I've recently tried to find some, and I'm doing a terrible job of finding much at all.  Nobody seems to have good battle reports (by good, I mean with pictures, so I know how exactly people rocked their opponents, or got rocked).

After a number of optimistic 'I'll figure it out, and learn to play Dark Eldar competitively!' posts, I find a fair number of posts like this kind of just saying that well... Dark Eldar aren't really competitive.  In other words, the blogosphere has given up on Dark Eldar being competitive.  Lol, Stelek, after a decent post about how to win against guard (if he played against himself?) if you get firrt turn, failed to post anything about what happens if Dark Eldar go second against Guard.  Not that Stelek has a ton of credibility in my eyes when it comes to Dark Eldar anyways.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Battle Report #12: Mirror Match Playtest (with pictures!)

Hey there folks!  How's it going?  Now that school is out, and summer school is in (lots more reading every night, though not as many 10-page papers due during finals week), I have some time to dedicate to Yon Blog.

Today, I wanted to give you a battle report that showcases a mirror match game I played with a friend of mine the other day.  What is this madness, you ask?  It's a BoLSCON event, where every single player in the tournament has the exact same 1500 point list, and you square off in order to find the theoretical best 'pure' player, since all lists are 'equal'.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Adepts Workshop: Making Great Looking Decals!

 A Contributor Article by C.J. Young

Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to talk about making decals look good! All it takes is a few simple steps to make them look great. On the flip side it is very easy to make decals look really bad (trust me on experience here folks) and nothing is worse then seeing a nicely painted model have a crappy looking decal on it. So without further ado here are the dos and don'ts of decals.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dark Eldar Wave 3

Wow.  June 4th, it all comes out.  Pretty incredible, if you ask me.  What comes out, you ask?  Pictures and more 'after the jump' lol.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beast Squads = Expensive

Wow, just bought 156 points of Beasts for Dark Eldar.  156 points = $164.  Got raped, absolutely zero doubt, but I needed the models before the metal runs out and I can't get my hands on them before BoLSCON.  At least the models look cool though? lol  Here's what I bought:

3x Beastmasters
5x Khymerae
4x Razorwings

So I actually ended up paying $1.05 per point.  How disgusting is that?  Is there a worse deal out there?  I'm sure there is, you should tell me what it is :-p

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Random List Fun: Vanilla Marines MSU and then some... Nids?

Hey folks, how's it hangin?  I've been swamped with projects being due at school, and studying for finals, and all that awesome stuff, so my content has been somewhat lacking of late.  However, I've been playing around with Army Builder for breaks, since I only take short ones, and have created a few lists that, while I'll probably never make them, are worth discussing.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rediscovering Angels Link

Hey there folks!  Super swamped with homework today (and this whole week!) but I wanted to do something of use for people to read if they haven't thus far.  I've written a bunch of articles for Jawaballs about Blood Angels, and I since Jawa doesn't seem to want to post up links on his own site for them, I figured I'd give myself a little publicity, lol.  So, the following are the links for the various 'Rediscovering Angels' series I've done (It's about Blood Angels).  I'll be writing another one today, so look out for that in the next week or so on Jawa's blog (or just check here- I'll be updating it just like I update my Battle Report Log.  (this link will be right below the Batrep Log link on the top right)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Email in: 1250 Blood Angels

This email is from forever ago.  Not really sure how I didn't respond to it, I actually have a fully typed analysis for this email, but for some reason never posted it.  Before my thoughts, here's the email:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tweaked Lists

Hey there folks, long time no see!  I've been in the depths of 'broken internets'land, and it kind of sucked.  But I'm back now, and hopefully have some fun stuff to share with you.  Especially today, I want to talk about my new lists I'll be taking, for three different armies:  Dark Eldar, Salamanders, and (hypothetically) Grey Knights.  I want your input!